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Make Money Selling Business Listings

Affiliate Program: How does it work?

Weblo Local offers you the ability to earn real money
By selling business owners an online marketing solution that will provide them with additional exposure which result in increased sales.

As a Weblo affiliate, we will pay you a commission every time a business you refer buys their Weblo listing.

It's up to you to introduce and sell the business listings that will help the small business better market themselves online using logos, maps, images, videos, business descriptions, news, menus, business hours, and more. Businesses will also benefit greatly from Weblo's millions of monthly visitors.

With business listings priced at $500/year, you can earn up to $150/sale as a Weblo Agent

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Sell a Business Listing

Weblo Agent Dashboard

With your dashboard you can do the following all from a single page:

  1. Search available business listings
  2. Get a list of business listings which will expire in the next 10 days
  3. Send emails to business listing owners
  4. Have content management of business listings
  5. Access page views and number of visits on business listing pages
  6. Marketing leads generation for selling business listings
  7. Business user manager
  8. Different reports for management
  9. Messaging system for renewal and collections

Join Weblo Now!

Become an Affiliate (it's free!) and start Making Money!

Joining Weblo automatically gives you the basic membership which comes with a 5% commission on any business listing you sell. You can increase your commission rate to up to 30% by upgrading your membership.

Membership Price $ Commission %
Basic Free 5%
Bronze $50 10%
Silver $100 20%
Weblo Agent $200 30%

Upgrade your membership to Weblo Agent to take advantage of all our extra features that will help you sell and allow you to better service your customers you've sold.

Ready to become a Weblo Agent?