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Atreyu Biography
Mar 12, 2008 03:16:37
Since they muscled their way onto the Orange County metal scene in 1998, Atreyu have sold over a million albums by constantly challenging themselves and their audiences with charged music and acrobatic performances that both have pushed the boundaries of catharsis and emotional exorcism.

But even those who have grown used to the unexpected from Atreyu will be blown away by the musical growth, determination and depth of the band’s Hollywood Records debut Lead Sails Paper Anchor.

Embracing new styles of singing and playing, a previously unexplored level of melodicism and a genre-shattering range of instrumentation – including Turkish saz, trumpets, strings, piano, opera vocals and pedal steel guitar – Atreyu have created an exultant disc that expands the parameters of heavy music and unabashedly exposes the band members’ love of ‘80s metal, thrash, industrial, hardcore, alternative and even alt-country. At the same time, Atreyu have written some of the heaviest, most brutal tracks of their career. “Can’t Happen Here” starts with the sound of machine guns, helicopters and screaming children, then breaks into a marching snare beat before bursting into a melodic mix of raging vocals, abrupt rhythmic shifts and a trademark Atreyu monster hook refrain. And just try to find progressions as driving and pounding as “Becoming The Bull,” “Honor” and “Doomsday.”

The first single from the album, "Becoming The Bull," kicks off with a monster guitar groove and stomping beat before shifting into a turbo-charged chorus. Then, mid-song, the band explores dynamics with a soft, atmospheric passage that builds into a horrific scream and another pummeling groove.?

The most adventurous song on Lead Sails Paper Anchor is “Falling Down,” which begins with a shuffling beat and a near-rockabilly riff that builds in intensity until it bursts in a chorus of blaring horns and harmonized vocals, then launches into space with a blazing metal solo.

Another curveball comes on “Lead Sails (and a Paper Anchor)” a blend of alt-country, pop and flamboyant hard rock that features pedal steel guitar, plucked strings and sweeping, dramatic vocals.

One thing that’s always felt good to Atreyu is ‘80s metal, and on Lead Sails Paper Anchor they indulge themselves like never before – especially on “Blow,” in which the band pays homage to the excesses of ‘80s metal and bands like Motley Crue (Buckcherry's Josh Todd provides guest vocals on the track).

Some of the riffs on Lead Sails Paper Anchor were written when Atreyu were on last year’s Ozzfest and others came on the bus during headline dates. But the majority of the songwriting took place last December and January after Atreyu got off the road. “I made it a point to sit down and write every single day,” says Saller. “Whether it was a single riff a full song or nothing of importance, I just came up with as much as I could.
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