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Ian Badeer

Ian Badeer

About Ian Badeer Biography

Acting as Dr. Aidan Carter in 2044   Ian Badeer is a young man with a variety of interests. He started acting at the tender age of six doing public performance skits and songs. He landed his first major role in theatre at the age of 12 when he played the young boy Timothy in the popular Christian play Catacombs by Paul McCusker.  At age 14 Ian tried his hand at writing, and by age 18 had his first book published, a children's novella entitled Playoff Time. He has also written several short stories and one screenplay. Mid-way through high school Ian began developing technical skills through running his own home business repairing computers, while pursuing a side interest in filmmaking. Ian attended three months of acting training in theatre and film during 2007, and subsequently landed a position with Advent Film Group in their first feature film Come What May. Returning to acting, he was chosen for the role of Marty, an opposing debater who competes in the Championship round. 10 scenes were filmed with Marty, though most were relocated to deleted scenes when the final cut of the film was released. He also served as the Head of IT during the film production, while serving primary roles as a boom operator and sound engineer. He also performed secondary roles as a camera operator, grip, and third assistant director. In 2008, Ian went to Denver, Colorado where he worked as the exclusive sound engineer for two short films Rosemary and Korah. In 2009, Ian worked as the Digital Intermediate Technician for the feature film Hero in North Carolina. Near the end of year, Ian landed his first lead role as Dr. Aidan Carter in the short film 2044: The Underground. Look for both of those films to be released in 2010.   Ian currently works full-time as a computer technician in Lincoln, Nebraska, whilst building his film resume on the side.

Why Famous?

Talented technician with a passion for acting.
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    This was nice! Thanks!
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    A pleasure to visit, best of luck to you!
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    Ian Badeer landed his first starring role in the action short film 2044: The Underground. Filming took place in California during the first week of...  View Full Article
  • One Good Man is a wrap!  |  Oct 12, 2009 11:23:55  |  By The Kid
    The baseball film One Good Man has officially wrapped principal photography! Ian served as the Digital Intermediate Technician for the film and han...  View Full Article
  • Official Website Launched f...  |  Sep 04, 2009 18:27:23  |  By The Kid
    View the teaser trailer for One Good Man at the official website:  View Full Article

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