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Jimmy aka James Stewart

Jimmy aka James Stewart

About Jimmy aka James Stewart Biography

Jimmy Stewart Jimmy Stewart
From the beginning of James Stewart’s career in 1935 through his final theatrical project in 1991, he appeared in over 100 films, television programs and shorts.

A Tribute  to James Stewart
Jimmy Stewart
Through the course of this illustrious career, he appeared in many landmark and critically acclaimed films, including such classics as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Spirit of St. Louis and Vertigo. His roles in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Harvey, and Anatomy of a Murder earned him Academy Award nominations (he won for Philadelphia Story). Stewart’s career defied the boundaries of genre and trend, and he made his mark in screwball comedies, suspense thrillers, westerns, biographies and family films. Jimmy Stewart
James “Jimmy” Maitland Stewart was born on May 20, 1908, in Indiana, Pennsylvania, James Maitland Stewart was the son of Elizabeth Ruth (née Jackson) and Alexander Maitland Stewart, who owned a hardware store. James, who was to take over the family business attended Princeton University and was a college friend of Henry Fonda.  The two would be life long friends.
Jimmy Stewart
President Harry S. Truman once stated that “If Bess and I ever had a son, we would have wanted him to be just like Jimmy Stewart.” One of the best loved actors of his generation within the Hollywood community and with his fans, Jimmy Stewart had the guy next door ability to pull you in.  His “Aww shucks” way of life was just that. he wasn’t acting, that WAS Jimmy Stewart. Jimmy Stewart
Some of Jimmy Stewart’s romantic liasons early in his career were Ginger Rogers and Norma Shearer.  He remained single until the age of 41, marrying former model Gloria Hatrick McLean (1918-1994) on 9 August 1949. As Stewart loved to recount in self-mockery, “I, I, I pitched the big question to her last night and to my surprise she, she, she said yes!”. Stewart adopted her two sons, Michael and Ronald, and together they had twin daughters, Judy and Kelly, on 7 May 1951. They remained devotedly married until her death on 16 February 1994, due to lung cancer. Jimmy Stewart James Stewart in Western Film

James Stewart – The Legend of Shenandoah   Jimmy Stewart Jimmy Stewart died at the age of 89 on 2 July 1997, at his home in Beverly Hills, of cardiac arrest and a pulmonary embolism following a long illness from respiratory problems. He had also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. His death came just one day after fellow screen legend and The Big Sleepco-star Robert Mitchum had died of lung cancer and emphysema. Stewart is interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California. Jimmy Stewart
“America lost a national treasure today,” President Bill Clinton said on the day Stewart died. “Jimmy Stewart was a great actor, a gentleman and a patriot.” Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy aka James Stewart Feature films

Year Movie Role Other notes 1935 The Murder Man Shorty   1936 Rose Marie John Flower   Next Time We Love Christopher Tyler   Wife vs. Secretary Dave   Small Town Girl Elmer   Speed Terry Martin   The Gorgeous Hussy Roderick “Rowdy” Dow   Born to Dance Ted Barker   After the Thin Man David Graham   1937 Seventh Heaven Chico   The Last Gangster Paul North Sr.   Navy Blue and Gold John "Truck Cross/John Cross Carter   1938 Of Human Hearts Jason Wilkins   Vivacious Lady Prof. Peter Morgan Jr.   The Shopworn Angel Pvt. William “Texas” Pettigrew   You Can’t Take It With You Tony Kirby   1939 Made for Each Other John Horace “Johnny” Mason   The Ice Follies of 1939 Larry Hall   It’s a Wonderful World Guy Johnson   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Jefferson Smith Academy Award for Best Actor nomination Destry Rides Again Thomas Jefferson Destry Jr.   1940 The Shop Around the Corner Alfred Kralik   The Mortal Storm Martin Breitner   No Time for Comedy Gaylord “Gay” Esterbrook   The Philadelphia Story Macaulay “Mike” Connor Won Academy Award for Best Actor 1941 Come Live with Me Bill Smith   Pot o’ Gold James Hamilton “Jimmy” Haskel   Ziegfeld Girl Gilbert “Gil” Young   1946 It’s a Wonderful Life George Bailey Academy Award for Best Actor nomination 1947 Magic Town Lawrence “Rip” Smith   1948 Call Northside 777 P.J. McNeal   On Our Merry Way Slim   Rope Rupert Cadell   You Gotta Stay Happy Marvin Payne   1949 The Stratton Story Monty Stratton   Malaya John Royer   1950 Winchester ’73 Lin McAdam   Broken Arrow Tom Jeffords   Harvey Elwood P. Dowd Academy Award for Best Actor nomination The Jackpot Bill Lawrence   1951 No Highway in the Sky Theodore Honey   1952 The Greatest Show on Earth Buttons   Bend of the River Glyn McLyntock   Carbine Williams David Marshall “Marsh” Williams   1953 The Naked Spur Howard Kemp   Thunder Bay Steve Martin   The Glenn Miller Story Glenn Miller   1954 Rear Window L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries   The Far Country Jeff Webster   1955 Strategic Air Command Lt. Col. Robert “Dutch” Holland   The Man from Laramie Will Lockhart   Artists and Models Man on balcony Cameo 1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much Dr. Ben McKenna   1957 The Spirit of St. Louis Charles Augustus “Slim” Lindbergh   Night Passage Grant McLaine   1958 Vertigo Det. John “Scottie” Ferguson   Bell, Book and Candle Shepherd “Shep” Henderson   1959 Anatomy of a Murder Paul Biegler Academy Award for Best Actor nomination The FBI Story John Michael “Chip” Hardesty   1960 The Mountain Road Major Baldwin   1961 Two Rode Together Marshal Guthrie McCabe   1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Ransom Stoddard   Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Roger Hobbs   How the West Was Won Linus Rawlings   1963 Take Her, She’s Mine Frank Michaelson   1964 Cheyenne Autumn Wyatt Earp   1965 Dear Brigitte Prof. Robert Leaf   Shenandoah Charlie Anderson   The Flight of the Phoenix Capt. Frank Towns   1966 The Rare Breed Sam Burnett   1968 Firecreek Johnny Cobb   Bandolero! Mace Bishop   1970 The Cheyenne Social Club John O’Hanlan   1971 Fools’ Parade Mattie Appleyard   1976 The Shootist Dr. E.W. Hostetler   1977 Airport ’77 Philip Stevens   1978 The Big Sleep General Sternwood The Magic of Lassie Clovis Mitchell   1980 A Tale of Africa Old Man   1991 An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Wylie Burp voice Thanks for Visiting this Tribue site to James Stewart!

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Jimmy Stewart aka James Maitland Stewart. View his Biography, Film Clips with Reviews, Images and Latest News.
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