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Penn Fraser Jillette

Penn Fraser Jillette

About Penn Fraser Jillette Biography

Penn Jillette Host of Penn and Teller, Magican, Media Journalist, Behold his Red Fingernail, Star of Penn Says, and Hot Tub Inventor
Penn Jillette on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
Penn Jillette is best known as being the talkative half of Show Time’s “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” The show is used as a medium to analyze cultural phenomena, criticize people and debunk the myths and aspects of society that they deem as “Bullshit”. Viewers are able to see Penn Jillette have a great time discussing topics and with the magic and a few naked people thrown in, the show has become an outstanding success.
Penn Jillette the Magician

Penn Jillette the Majician
Penn Jillette obviously considered traditional illusionist acts as Bullshit when he promoted deception as the ultimate entertainment behind magic, rather than “mysterious, supernatural, authentic magic” as being an illusionist’s greatest asset. Jillette still says that James Randi’s approach to magic is the foundation of his love of the craft of being a magician. Along with James Randy, Jillette will also regularly acknowledge his family for giving him the inspiration to become and maintain his success.
Penn Jillette in Journalism

Media Journalist Penn Jillette Jillette wrote bi-weekly dispatches for in 1997. Each column ended with a pithy comment identifying which of the Penn & Teller duo he was. (For example: “Penn Jillette is the half of Penn & Teller that’s detained at airports.”) Jillette made a habit of linking many words in his on-line column to wacky sites that generally had nothing to do with the actual words. These columns are no longer available on the current web-site, but have been republished with permission from
Mystery behind the Red Finger Nail of Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette with Red Fingernail
Penn related the real story behind his red fingernail in an episode of Penn Radio, original broadcast November 26, 2006. Jillette stated that it began as a joke with his mother. His mother advised him to keep his hands looking nice since he was a working magician. She believed that the audience would be looking at his hands while he preformed his act. Jillette has continued to paint that single nail Jelly Apple Red (#054) by Essie, ever since then. He is quoted as saying that “People wouldn’t even notice if you had painted your finger nail red.” This is because people so often pay little attention to the important part of the trick. They pay more attention to the result of the misdirection, as intended by an magician, instead of the cause of the illusion itself.
Penn Jillette Star of Penn Says
Penn Says: Legalize Marijuana
Penn Jillette the Inventor

In July 1999, Penn Jillette was granted a patent for the “Jill-Jet”, a hot-tub jet specially angled for a woman’s pleasure.
He has credited Debbie Harry of Blondie for suggesting the idea, as the two of them were once in a hot-tub and Harry made a remark about changing the jets for a woman’s pleasure. Jillette liked the idea enough to pursue patent application at the USPTO under the patent title “Hydro-therapeutic stimulator”. The abstract of the patent claims “A spa of a type including a tub for holding water and a user, in particular, a female user. The spa has a seat for supporting the female user in a seated position, a circulation pump having an inlet connected to the tub for drawing water from the tub, and an outlet connected to the tub for discharging the drawn water back to the tub. A discharge nozzle is located within the tub and connected to the outlet, mounted to the seat so that the discharged water from the circulation pump automatically aligns with and is directed to stimulation points of the female user when the female user sits in the seat". An article in the June 2006 issue of Playboy shed additional light on the invention.
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Why Famous?

Penn Fraser Jillette Magician, Comedian, Social Philosopher, Las Vegas Entertainer, Host of Penn and Teller

Penn Jillette
Penn Fraser Jillette, or as we more commonly know him, Penn or Penn Jillette, is by far one of the most down to Earth, to the point, entertainers of our time. He allows himself to be inspired by his family and social circles and yet brings his original brand of zest for entertainment with his personally biased understanding for interpreting our societies major influences.
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