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geico cavemen

geico cavemen

About geico cavemen Biography

With the Royksopp song "Remind Me" playing in the background, a caveman is on a moving sidewalk at an airport when he spots a billboard for Geico featuring a picture of a caveman along with the insulting phrase; the passing caveman tries to use his celebrity status to attract a passing woman.
Another variation of the commercial shows the same caveman talking to an unnamed person on a cellphone about the billboard, describing it to the person in a seemingly displeased manner.
This particular commercial is a parody of the opening scene of The Graduate, where Benjamin Braddock played by Dustin Hoffman pensively rides the moving sidewalk in the same lethargic manner. A college campaign shows the offending ad with a sticker superimposed on top of it; the sticker has a photograph of the caveman on it and says "Cavemen are people too." Another set of commercials features one of the cavemen seeing a therapist about the "offensive" Geico commercials. (The therapist is played by two-time Oscar-nominee Talia Shire.) In 2007, GEICO's internal Communications and Marketing departments created and launched an interactive flash website entitled Cavemans Crib. Picking up where the commercials left off, this comic website invites users to a penthouse party at one of the cavemens apartment. The party is not yet underway, and the caveman is none too pleased with the early arrival. Users may interact with the GEICO cavemen, snoop around their apartment, read their magazines, pick out clothing for them to wear, and even peek in on one of them in the steamy shower. References to the cavemens occasionally antagonistic relationship with GEICO are hidden throughout the "crib". Additionally, users can visit a start-up website supposedly run by the caveman, where cavemen urge support in their crusade against prejudice. The website features "testimonials" from high-achieving cavemen. The site is owned by GEICO. This can be confirmed by performing a "whois" domain name search. Jeff Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber played the two earliest cavemen and continuously reprise their roles. Actor John Lehr appears most frequently as the caveman. The television and print ads featuring the cavemen were created by Joe Lawson of The Martin Agency for Geico.

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