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Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger

About Kim Basinger Biography

Kim Basinger Kim Basinger is an American actress and sex symbol born December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia, the 3rd of 5 children. Both her parents had been in entertainment, her dad had played big-band jazz, and her mother had performed water ballet in several Esther Williams movies. Kim was introspective, from her father’s side. As a schoolgirl, she was very shy. To help her overcome this, her parents had Kim study ballet from an early age. By the time she reached sweet sixteen, the once-shy Kim entered the Athens Junior Miss contest. From there, she went on to win the Junior Miss Georgia title, and traveled to New York to compete in the national Junior Miss pageant. Kim, who had blossomed to a 5’7" beauty, was offered a contract on the spot with the Ford Modeling Agency. At the age of 20, Kim Basinger was a top model commanding $1,000 a day. Throughout the early 1970s, she appeared on dozens of magazine covers and in hundreds of ads, most notably as the Breck girl. Kim took acting classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse, performed in various Greenwich Village clubs, and she sang under the stage name Chelsea. Kim moved to Los Angeles in 1976, ready to conquer Hollywood. Kim broke into television doing episodes of such hit series as ’Charlie’s Angels’. In 1980, she married Ron Britton (they divorced in 1989). In movies, she had roles like being a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again (1983)’ and playing a small-town Texan beauty in ‘Nadine’ (1987). Her breakout role was as photojournalist Vicki Vale in the blockbuster hit ‘Batman’. There was no long-orchestrated campaign on her part to snag this plumb role, Kim was a last-minute replacement for Sean Young. This took her to a career high. With perhaps too much disposable income, Kim headed up an investment group that purchased the entire town of Braselton, in her native Georgia, for $20 million (she would later have to sell it). In 1993, Kim Basinger married Alec Baldwin, and in 1995 they had a daughter, Ireland Eliesse. Kim took some time off to stay at home with her child. Kim, who loves animals and is a strict vegetarian, devoted energy to animal rights issues, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), even posing for some ads. In 1997, Kim gave an Oscar-winning performance in the film noir classic L.A. Confidential. Kim’s salary for ‘I Dreamed of Africa’ is $5,000,000 putting her firmly in the category of big-name movie star. And no doubt there are still many great things ahead, in the career of cover girl turned Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger. KIM BASINGER SEXY FILM COLLECTION

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Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger

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About Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger received an Academy Award for her role in Warner Brothers critically acclaimed film L.A. Confidential, based on the James Ellroy classic crime novel of the same title. The film, directed by Curtis Hanson earned nine Academy Award nominations and also earned Kim Basinger a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA nomination.

Kim Basinger

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Kim Basinger continued…

Kim Basinger’s film credits include The Natural (with Robert Redford), Bless the Child, I Dreamed of Africa, Batman, 9 1/2 Weeks, No Mercy, Ready to Wear, Fool For Love, Final Analysis (with Richard Gere), and The Marrying Man. Kim Basinger has also appeared in The Getaway, Blind Date (with Bruce Willis), Cool World, The Real McCoy, and Nadine (with Jeff Bridges).

Kim Basinger

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