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Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

About Liv Tyler Biography

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is an American actress and model. she is the daughter of Aerosmith's frontman, Steven Tyler and model, singer Bebe Buell. Tyler began a career in modeling at the age of fourteen, but quickly decided to focus on acting. Her first notable role was appearing alongside Alicia Silverstone in the music video for Aerosmith's song "Crazy" in 1993. At age seventeen Liv Tyler made her film debut in the 1994 film Silent Fall. Following her performance in Silent Fall, Tyler starred in her breakthrough performance in 1996's Stealing Beauty. In 1998, she starred opposite Ben Affleck in Armageddon, which became a summer blockbuster. Tyler then went on to portray elf princess Arwen Und�miel in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. After a brief hiatus She returned to acting, starring in the horror-thriller The Strangers and portraying Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk. Starting a career as a model at the age of fifteen, Liv Tyler appeared on the covers of magazines and starred in commercials. However, she became bored with her modeling career less than a year after it started, and moved into acting. She never took acting lessons. Tyler first became known to television audiences when she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone in the music video for Aerosmith's song "Crazy" in 1993. Between the period of 1993 and 1996, she starred in seven films. Liv Tyler made her film debut in Silent Fall in 1994. Following the release of the film, she starred in Heavy in 1995; the filming of which was delayed until She became available. By the age of nineteen, she had already starred in several successful films, including her breakthrough role in 1996's Stealing Beauty directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, the cult classic Empire Records, That Thing You Do! which was written and directed by Tom Hanks, and Inventing the Abbotts in 1997. In 1998, Liv Tyler co-starred with Ben Affleck in Michael Bay's Armageddon, which raised her profile amongst cinemagoers and was coincidentally released on her twenty first birthday. The movie included the songs "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and "What Kind of Love Are You On" by her father's band, Aerosmith. Tyler has also starred in Onegin in 1999, a film based on the 19th century Russian novel by Alexander Pushkin, in which she portrayed Tatyana Larina and co-starred with Ralph Fiennes. She later appeared in two films by legendary director Robert Altman, Cookie's Fortune (1999) and Dr. T & the Women (2000). Liv Tyler's most notable role was in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001–2003), in which she played the immortal half elf princess Arwen Und�miel, She recorded a song entitled "Arwen's Song", which was used in the extended DVD cut of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Along with learning to speak the fictitious Elvish language created by Tolkien, Tyler spent months before the shoot learning swordfighting, to be used during the concluding battle scenes in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, though her scenes from the battle were cut after the script was changed. The trilogy was nominated for 30 Academy Awards and won the coveted Best Picture Award for its final installment. After a brief hiatus from acting, Liv Tyler starred in the horror-thriller The Strangers with Scott Speedman, and in the comic book adaptation The Incredible Hulk alongside Edward Norton, as scientist Betty Ross. Both films were released in 2008. Tyler, alongside Diane Keaton and Dax Shepard, will appear in the film Smother, which is set to be released on September 26, 2008. In 2003, Liv Tyler became the spokesperson for Givenchy Perfume and Cosmetics, in 2005 Givenchy named a rose after her, which was used in one of its fragrances. �

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Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

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About Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is the daughter of Steven Tyler of the band Aerosmith and Bebe Buell, former model and stalwart of the backstage rock scene of the 1970s. Liv Tyler grew up thinking that rock star Todd Rundgren was her father. But as she was growing up Tyler began dropping by to visit, and Liv Tyler noticed that his daughter Mia looked enough like her to be her twin. She confronted her mother, and was told the truth. By the time she was 12, Liv Tyler had taken her father's name.

Liv Tyler

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Liv Tyler continued...

At 14, Liv Tyler and her mother left Portland, Maine, for New York, where she got her start as a model. A year was enough of the modeling grind, and She decided to become an actress. Liv Tyler was offered the part of Callie in Heavy after a single reading, and only three weeks later was cast in Silent Fall. James Mangold, director of Heavy, decided to delay shooting until Liv was available. With seven films in the 1993-96 period, Liv Tyler's career took off.

Liv Tyler

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