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Shara Reyes

Shara Reyes
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About Shara Reyes Biography

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

'D NEW EYE OF MIRAI: Shara Reyes Profile

Can you imagine Ashley Tisdale the "High school Musical" character she portrays in Sharpady Evans?

That's what seeing YUNA D AI is like. Her eyes registers a strong presence on screen, her thin lips speaks of deep and real opinions and her long and lustrous hair carries a strong message: "I Know how to flip my hair."

Why Famous?

Hollywood Sunset Pictures Inc.

Hollywood Sunset Pictures Inc. Will start Shooting Beyond Legend: Johnny Kakota begin late Spring with Mr. Nicholas Michael Catello and the stellar cast. Which will hit theaters sometime next fall. The story is about a spirit in the form of a hawk who leads a half-breed lone wolf drifter back to save his people’s land and heritage. This film is in the same vein as those ground-breaking films of the 70s like “Billy Jack,” the 80s “Rambo” and the 90s”Pulp Fiction.” Jon Nash of says of Nik, “He’s a throw back to old classic Hollywood along with all the stuff that today’s audiences is looking for. Nik has what’s known in the biz as “IT!” Picture a young Marlon Brando/Clint Eastwood wrapped in all the abilities of a Bruce Lee…Nik’s as good with the tough stuff as he is with the sweet stuff. I believe that those actors who will be working alongside Nik in Beyond Legend: Johnny Kakota will have a very special and unique time on the set and Beyond.
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    Very nice, You've done a fine job. Please visit this site.
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    A pleasure to visit! Check out a few of my favorite celebs:
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United States of America
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