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The Great khali

The Great khali
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About The Great khali Biography

Mini Biography of The Great Khali The Great Khali's real name is Dalip Singh Rana. He was born on 27th August 1972 in a poor family of the Dhirana village in Himachal Pradesh, his parents weren't as tall as he is today, but his Grandfather was a tall person of over Six Feet Six inches. He had Seven other brothers and sisters, and was the third oldest among them in age. He didn't attend much school due to poverty but because of his exceptional growth and power, he started working as a Roadside stone breaker at a young age on daily wages to provide bread for his poor family. As he grew up he started playing various sports and prooved to be a really good sportsman. He also took interest in Body building and carved his body in a wonderful shape, at this time he was still working as a Roadside laborer. The Director General of Punjab police Mr. M.S. Bhullar (now retired) saw Dalip and his talent in bodybuilding and decided to help him. He got Dalip a job in the Punjab Police as a constable in 1993. due to the increased wages, Dalip got more financially relaxed and began putting more effort into bodybuilding. He also joined various Gyms and Boxing clubs in Jalandhar. The Great Khali with his bodybuilding coach and sponsors
Bodybuilding days. From Left to Right: Dr. Randhir Kumar (Khali's Bodybuilding Coach), Dr. Balvir Hastir & Dr. Raj Hastir (The then Sponsors of Khali) After years of hard work and practice in the local gyms, he won the title of Mr. India in 1997 and 1998 out of hundreds of other participants , which gave him a huge boost in terms of confidence and popularity and he quickly became an icon for the youth of Punjab. The Great Khali body
The Magnificient structure of The Great Khali In 1999, with due support from his colleagues and family, Dalip Singh went to United States of America on a Work permit and joined the wrestling school of All Pro Wrestling. Where he was kept in training for a few months, here he learnt how to use different wrestling moves safely and how to receive them as well, because of his hard working and quick learning attitude, he was made to debut in the year 2000 at All Pro Wrestling..

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