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Tom is the most famous guy on myspace where he has more than 170 million friends and is the only friend for many of them. Who is Tom ? Tom Anderson (b. 10/13/75) and Chris DeWolfe worked for Brad Greenspan \'s eUniverse, which later became Intermix Media , when they founded myspace in 2003. In 2005, Intermix Media was sold to News Corp for $580 million. myspace is now part of Fox Interactive Media , who sold the non-myspace section of Intermix to Richard Rosenblatt\'s Demand Media . When myspace was started it was decided to use Tom as the default \'friend\', which he still is today even though he also is President of myspace while Chris is CEO.

Why Famous?

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Bob Marley Bob Marley
Owned By: Vida Guerra
Hits: 174937
Return: 9508300.00%
Votes: Good   +22
Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Sche...
Owned By: mreablade316
Hits: 828112
Return: 5204200.00%
Votes: Good   +88
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton
Owned By: Arrffdude
Hits: 388199
Return: 1727500.00%
Votes: Good   +4
Hot venessa Hot venessa
Owned By: Arrffdude
Hits: 315870
Return: 4896100.00%
Votes: Good   +4

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  • Sylvius Comment By: Sylvius Date: 2008-01-03 14:55:42
    Nice job
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  • julez Comment By: julez Date: 2007-07-13 15:57:57
    Wow, didn't know about Tom. Great job.
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  • pepperstix
Newmilns , Scotland ,
United Kingdom
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