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Frank Lucas American Gangster

Frank Lucas American Gangster

About Frank Lucas American Gangster Biography

Theimage“”cannotbedisplayed,becauseitcontainserrors. Frank Lucas' life of crime started when he was just a little boy of six, living in North Carolina. Five members of the Ku Klux Klan showed up one night at the shack where he was living and killed his 13-year-old cousin, Obadiah, for looking at a white woman. As the oldest boy in the family, Lucas had to put food on the table. He began stealing food and later, mugging drunks. He eventually had to leave home in his teens, after taking $400 from his boss and setting the man's place on fire. Lucas headed for Harlem, New York, where he continued his life of petty crime. He took a step up when he caught the attention of mobster Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson. According to Lucas, Johnson took the boy under his wing and showed him the ropes, although Bumpy's wife, Mayme, claims Johnson never fully trusted Lucas and describes Frank as "little more than a flunky to Bumpy." FrankLucas However, when Johnson died of a heart attack, Lucas took everything he'd been taught by the man and started his own drug dealing business. He went one step further, when he realized American servicemen were getting their hands on drugs in Vietnam. Lucas flew over there and made arrangements to buy drugs at a much better rate than he could ever get in New York, and flew a friend in from North Carolina to build coffins for dead soldiers, complete with false bottoms where drugs could be stashed when the bodies were flown back to the States. At one point in his career, Lucas boasted he was making a million dollars a day. He staked out a spot on 116th street in Harlem and killed anyone who tried to get in his way. His methods of intimidation worked, inspiring both fear and respect in those around him. He was well-liked, even by the police and judges that he often had to deal with. Theimage“”cannotbedisplayed,becauseitcontainserrors.

In the 1970's Frank Lucas was the king of the Harlem drug trade, bringing in over a million dollars a day. He lived a glamorous life, hobnobbing with athletes, musicians, and politicians, but Lucas was a ruthless gangster.

He was notorious for using the coffins of dead GIs to smuggle heroin into the United States, and, before being sentenced to seventy years in prison, he played a major role in the near death of New York City.

Why Famous?

Frank Lucas The film ‘American Gangster’ is based on the true story of Frank Lucas. It stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crow, and took in $46.1 million at the box office this weekend. This figure is a little skewed as it’s being reported many people had already seen a pirated copy of the movie two weeks before it hit theatres. Strangely, the video was “an exact DVD copy 5.0 Digital sound and perfect picture.” Frank Lucas Biography Frank Lucas was Harlem’s heroine kingpin in the 1970’s. He was the “original gangsta.” Lucas claims he made over $1 million a day selling on the streets. He would ship heroine over from Southeast Asia in coffins of dead soldiers during the Vietnam War. Lucas wanted money and power. In fact, he said, “I wanted to be rich. I wanted to be Donald Trump rich.” Lucas lived in the Regency Hotel, had 100 custom-made suits, and numerous cars. But in the process, he killed men on the streets and devastated Harlem’s community. In 1975, Lucas was brought down on both federal and state drug charges. His sentence of 70 years was reduced after cooperating with law officials. He helped bring down more than 100 other drug lords, which led to his release in 1981. In 1984, Lucas was again convicted of drug trafficking and spent another seven years in jail.   hitcounter
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    great movie
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