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About ALLEY BAGGETT Biography

"I love to let out all my feelings of who I really am through my pictures. I let out my sexiness, innocence, daringness, sweet, and wild side." - Alley Baggett   Interested in learning more about me...      

Alley Baggett was born July 14, 1973, in Houston, Texas. Growing up in a small town near Houston, the Spanish, part Filipino girl was always active in extra-curricular activities. In junior high, Alley was involved in the dance team. While in high school, she was on the cheerleading squad, played basketball and participated in track.

The model rose to fame as a playgirl, most notably as a Playboy lingerie model. She first appeared in Playboy's Book of Lingerie in May of 1995, marking the start of what has so far been a 5-year relationship between Alley and the magazine (as seen with at least 12 covers).

In 1996, Alley graced the cover of German Playboy's Olympic issue, and was the Playboy's Sexy Swimsuits correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. The following year, a slew of work with Hugh Hefner's magazine came Alley's way. She appeared on the cover of Playboy's Book of Lingerie Supermodels, as well as Forbidden Pleasures, the German edition of Playboy, and the 50th Issue Anniversary Book. Some may remember Alley as an extra in Howard Stern's autobiographical film, Private Parts (in the lesbian camp scene). Others may remember her on the cover of Play.boy's Book of Lingerie Supermodels, as well as Play.boy's Real Sex, Australian Play.boy, and the magazine's fall and Christmas edition catalogue, all in 1998.

That year, Alley reprised her role as Entertainment Tonight's correspondent for the bunny mag's Book of Lingerie cover shoot.

Although Hugh Hefner's industry has played a large part in Alley's career, the budding model has had other projects up her sleeve. Besides her appearances on the Play.boy Channel, for the company's cigar line, Alley has worked on television as a WWF Sunday Night Heat Commentator on the USA Network, and has appeared as herself on Penn and Teller's Sin City Spectacular, on the FX Channel and the WB's Unhappily Ever After

Remaining true to her Spanish roots, Alley has made a guest-appearance on Telemundo's The Umberto Show and the Maria Conchita Alonso Show. She was also featured on a Ricky Martin Pepsi commercial on Telemundo, and speaking of Ricky, Alley appeared in his Shake Your Bon-Bon video. Alley has also appeared in the Third Eye Blind video for Never Let You Go.

As for her work as a model, Alley has not restricted herself to the career of a nude model. She has been featured in the British editions of FHM, Loaded and Adrenaline, and has appeared in Toy Fare. In an interesting career move, Alley is the star of Alley Cat Comics, and even has her own Alley Cat action toy.

The real Alley has also modeled for British Polo and Speedo Sports Wear. For a yearly dose of Alley, check out the 1998 Alley Baggett calendar, the Alley Baggett Sci-Fi 2001 16-month calendar, and her feature in the Exotic Spice 2000 calendar.

Online, Alley has her own website -- -- featuring centerfolds of aspiring models that Alley scouted out herself. She is also working as a scout for Play.boy and Perfect 10.

When not busy making men worldwide drool, Alley is a member of The Surfrider Foundation (a non-profit organization where models help to preserve seas and beaches), The Orangutan Foundation International, and The Children of the Night Foundation.

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  • spets Comment By: spets Date: 2013-09-09 07:13:08
    lol did you know that you look just as hot as her. :)
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  • balpin Comment By: balpin Date: 2009-10-16 13:37:41
    Stop by and say "Hi":)  I'm feeling naughty:)
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