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Buffie The Body

Buffie The Body
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About Buffie The Body Biography

Buffie Carruth, known as Buffie “The Body” for obvious reasons, was born and raised in Athens, GeorgiaShe is the third child of seven children.  she had a modest upbringing being brought up by a single mother; she knew what it was to struggle.  But she was raised by a strong woman who taught her to set her goals high and to work hard to bring them to realization.  Buffie held a number of odd jobs before her obvious assets were discovered.  She worked in various positions before a chance meeting in Baltimore with a photographer.  Buffie has never shied away from hard work, remembering the example set by her mother.  Struggle and perseverance has lent her a highly developed sense of humility and gratitude.In the beginning, Buffie was hesitant to participate in her first photo shoot and even more so to construct a website.  But the photographer was persistent in his wish to photograph the voluptuous Buffie, convinced her website would be an instant success.  He saw something else in the extremely photogenic model.  A certain wit and charm.  A friend of Buffie, who was familiar with the modeling industry, eventually convinced her to take the opportunity.  But he was unaware of the commotion her photos would eventually cause.  As soon as her photos were placed into the right hands, her career took-off.  Buffie went from relative obscurity to voluptuous video vixen within the span of a few months.  Three magazine layouts on newsstands: XXL, KING and Black Men Magazine, launched and expanded her website:, which became an internet sensation, headlined major Hip-hop music video: 50 cent/Tony Yayo “So Seductive”, all within a four month period.  After her debut in the “So Seductive” video, offers came cascading in:  magazine spreads, leads in music videos, requests for guest appearances, one booking followed by the next.  Buffie, among other projects, is currently shooting a bio DVD offering an intimate look into who Buffie Carruth really is.  Buffie has fielded offers for small roles in films but is awaiting the perfect one which will showcase not only her striking physical features, but her quick wit, intelligence and determination.  Buffie aspires to be a household name. ass-

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