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Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson
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About Bart Simpson Biography

Bart "The Bartman" Simpson is the world's favorite cartoon bad boy. Starting out as a cartoon short on the Tracy Ullman Show,
Bart Simpson
�Bart has made us laugh and relive our own childhood school years for over 22 years. The Simpson's became a overnite sensation. Bart's favorite catch phrases such as "Eat my shorts" and "Dont have a cow" were being said by children and adults alike.
Bart Simpson
�During Bartmania over 1,000,000 t shirts with these slogans were being sold each day. The mischevious Bart likes to be a bad boy at school and is very proud of his underachiever status.
Bart Simpson
He would rather play pranks and be the school clown vs doing his school work. Bart Simpson is truely the man when it comes to tv product exposure. Bart has his own clothing line, video's, "The Bartman" song became #1, comics, video games and more.
Bart Simpson
He has also won a Emmy, Annie, Entertainer of the year award. The Simpsons even have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Why Famous?

" alt="Michael Jackson and Bart Simpson" title="Michael Jackson and Bart Simpson" />Bart and Michael Jackson doing the Bartman.
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  • yavanna Comment By: yavanna Date: 2009-11-14 15:38:48
    Visit Sonny with a Chance Profile / Celebrities / Properties / Domains Thanks for
    visiting a Yavanna! Weblo asset!
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  • yavanna Comment By: yavanna Date: 2009-09-04 14:18:05
    Look at you and Bart!!! I'm impressed! Congrats!!! He is a Great One, Hit me up on my home page to
    keep coming back to Bart when you make Updates! I think he is Funny!
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