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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

About Harry Potter Biography

Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe News, Biography, Career, Information, Images, Videos, Wallpapers Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the adolescent wizard Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story arc concerns Harry’s quandary against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry’s parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world and subjugate non-magical people (Muggles). Since the June 30, 1997 release of the first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which was renamed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the United States, the books have gained immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide, although the series has had its fair share of critisicm, including criticism for the books’ dark tones (especially the later books, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) making the series less suitable for children. As of June 2008, the book series has sold more than 400 million copies and has been translated into 67 languages, and the last four books have consecutively set records as the fastest-selling books in history. English-language versions of the books are published by Bloomsbury in the United Kingdom, Scholastic Press in the United States, Allen & Unwin in Australia, and Raincoast Books in Canada. Thus far, the first six books have been made into a series of motion pictures by Warner Bros., which are the highest grossing film series of all time when not adjusted for inflation. The seventh book is being made into two films currently scheduled to be released nearly eight months apart: part one in November 2010 and the movie series finale in July 2011. The series also originated much tie-in merchandise, making the Harry Potter brand worth £15 billion.   Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. Together they work to find the key to unlock Voldemort’s defenses and, to this end, Dumbledore recruits his old friend and colleague, the well-connected and unsuspecting bon vivant Professor Horace Slughorn, whom he believes holds crucial information. Meanwhile, the students are under attack from a very different adversary as teenage hormones rage across the ramparts. Harry finds himself more and more drawn to Ginny, but so is Dean Thomas. Lavender Brown has decided that Ron is the one for her, only she hadn’t counted on Romilda Vane’s chocolates! And then there’s Hermione, simmering with jealously but determined not to show her feelings. As romance blossoms, one student remains aloof. He is determined to make his mark, albeit a dark one. Love is in the air, but tragedy lies ahead and Hogwarts may never be the same again. Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Jim Broadbent, Helena Bonham Carter Directed By: David Yates           Harry Potter sweeps into theaters 2 days early! Harry Potter and his school chums are heading back to class a little sooner than expected. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” now is opening Wednesday, July 15, two days earlier than its previous release date, Warner Bros. head of distribution Dan Fellman said Tuesday. That gives the movie a head-start on the weekend during what’s shaping up as a highly competitive summer season for Hollywood, which has major franchise films opening virtually every week. “Every day the kids are out of school in summer is just like an extra Saturday,” Fellman said. Warner Bros. also opened the franchise’s most recent release, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” on a Wednesday in July 2007. It’s the second date change for the sixth installment in the adventures of the boy wizard. “Half-Blood Prince” had been scheduled for release last fall until the studio bumped it to this July to take advantage of an open weekend in the busy summer lineup. The franchise stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as his best pals at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  
  In this image released by Warner Bros., Emma Watson, center, Daniel Radcliffe, right, and Rupert Grint are shown in a scene from “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” (AP Photo/Warner Bros., Jaap Buitendjik)  
  Harry Potter       Harry Potter about the novels Harry Potter’s parents were killed by a very dark wizard Voldemort or other wise known as Tom Riddle. He survived only because of the love of his mother, Lily which also gave him protection against Voldemort for years to come. Lord Voldemort almost died that fatal night when Harry’s parents were killed. For eleven years he stayed in a secluded forest before attachuing himself to a Hogwarts teacher. Harry started Hogwarts when he was eleven and faced the dark lord once more. Through out the novels, he met Lord Voldemort (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) many times until the sixth year when he witnessed the brutal killing of his head master, Dumbledore. Now in his last year instead of attending Hogwarts, he and his friends, Ron and Hermione, set out to destroy this dark power once and for all. Yes, this is the last book, but will it be the last of Harry’s life too?   Harry Potter Video Clips  
        About Harry Potter / Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe       Although he had wanted to be an actor for as long as he could remember, Daniel Radcliffe had to convince his parents to allow him to pursue his dream. The schoolboy had been encouraged to try out for a 1999 British TV version of Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” but his mother and father opposed the idea. When the opportunity to audition for another of Dickens’ young heroes, this time “David Copperfield” (BBC, 1999), they relented. Surviving five callbacks, Radcliffe landed the role and earned glowing notices for his work. He also displayed a poise and screen charisma and more than held his own opposite such veterans as Bob Hoskins and Maggie Smith. Still, that was a mere warm-up for his first major film role. Radcliffe landed the highly coveted part of Harry Potter, the bespectacled young wizard of the popular series of books by author J K Rowling. But before he was set to make history, he had a small part in the amusing spy drama, “The Tailor of Panama” (2001).  
  Cast of Harry Potter       The young actor beat out numerous other performers (including the much rumored Gabriel Thomson, who ironically had played another Dickens hero, Pip in 1999’s “Great Expectations”, and Liam Aiken, who had co-starred in director Chris Columbus’ “Stepmom” 1998). Radcliffe received the imprimatur of author Rowling and was expected to be a breakout when “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” opened in theaters in November 2001. Indeed, the film was received warmly by audiences and Radcliffe became one of the best known adolescent actors of the day. Following the success of the film and the attempt to shoot as many as closely as possible before the young actors outgrew their roles, Radcliffe found himself with little time to explore other roles, as he reprised the bespectacled young wizard in the sequels “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (2002) and the slightly darker “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (2004). After reviving the role for “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (2005), the first installment directed by a British director (Mike Newell), Radcliffe managed to squeeze in another film, “The December Boys” (lensed in 2005), a drama set in the 1960’s about four orphans longing for a home and a family.   Harry Potter News           Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire       Daniel Radcliffe on ‘Equus’ Nude Scene: “My Manhood Shrank on Stage!”  
  Daniel Radcliffe in the play Equus       Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was so anxious about being nude on stage for the play Equus that his man parts shrink. Radcliffe, 19, made his stage debut in London in February 2007 in the revival of the Peter Shaffer play, in which he has a full-frontal nude scene. Radcliffe was so nervous about the performance that he suffered from “Michelangelo’s David effect.” Daniel tells the NY Times, "He [David] wasn’t very well endowed, because he was fighting Goliath. “There was very much of that effect. You tighten up like a hamster. The first time it happened, I turned around and went, ‘You know, there’s 1,000 people here, and I don’t think even one of them would expect you to look your best in this situation.’” Equus officially opens on Broadway Sept. 25. Previews performances began Sept. 5. Radcliffe received rave reviews in London when he starred in the play last year.           Harry Potter Celebrity Fan Site Sponsors Click on the Celebrity picture to be taken to the Fan Site of your Favorite Celebrity!  
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  Harry Potter Harry Potter’s parents were killed by a very dark wizard Voldemort or other wise known as Tom Riddle. He survived only because of the love of his mother, Lily which also gave him protection against Voldemort for years to come.  
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Twilight vs. Harry Potter: Which series is hotter? Twilight is an action-packed modern-day love story between a teenage girl named Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, a vampire. Twilight is not your usual high-school romance series. Edward and Bella’s passionate love for each other leads to a constant struggle to keep Bella alive and unharmed. Harry Potter is a series of adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter and his two wizard friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The story is based upon Harry’s struggle against an evil wizard Lord Voldermort who killed Harry’s parents to conquer their world.      

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