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Jamin Winans

Jamin Winans

About Jamin Winans Biography

... chopped \x26amp; scired by Jamin Winans ...
... chopped \x26amp; scired by Jamin Winans ...Jamin Winans. Best Documentary
Jamin Winans. Best Documentary

Why Famous?

As an independent filmmaker, I am always looking for inspiration; not just subject matter, but other filmmakers, as well, for their path to success, methods, and culture.
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  • MorningwithFarah Comment By: MorningwithFarah Date: 2011-04-12 09:02:49
    As the course of the past, present, and future are affected by John's return to Emma, Ink suddenly
    has a realization; memories come flooding back to him of his successful meeting for the account he
    had been trying to get for his company, if he had been able to make it. Emma dies in the hospital,
    John drifts out of touch, into a world of loneliness. His depression increases until he commits
    suicide by shooting himself in the head. He falls into the astral world a broken shell of his former
    self. Ink hears Liev whisper his name "John" and she dies. As his memories return, Ink rushes at the
    Incubi attacking them and rescues his daughter, much like the dream at the beginning of the movie.
    He stands and faces them, killing each one as they approach her, while at the hospital the
    Storytellers overcome the Incubi. After the fight is done, Emma recognizes Ink as her dad and they
    embrace. In the hospital, Emma awakens to find her father holding her hand. The pair share a hug
    while the Storytellers who had defeated the Incubi stand in the doorway, unseen but victorious.
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  • MorningwithFarah Comment By: MorningwithFarah Date: 2011-04-12 09:02:19
    Both Jamin Winans and Kiowa Winans contributed multiple roles in making Ink, in addition to both
    being credited as executive producers. Jamin wrote, directed and edited, as well as composed the
    original soundtrack for the film, while Kiowa is credited for the Art Direction, Costume Design and
    Sound Design.
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  • MorningwithFarah Comment By: MorningwithFarah Date: 2011-04-12 09:01:35
    Well, I agree, he is a great and gifted filmmaker. Just have seen INK last night, and well, it is a
    great stroy, great script, great directing, and great sounds, great camera, and yes, great
    twists. And as I read, from 250 000 $ to make this is incredible. So, I wish him (and us) to get the
    chance and a full free hand on a big studio projcet. The only difference is the actors are less
    famous, and the lack of studio overwhelmed distribution. Turning back to INK: it is a must see.
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  • MorningwithFarah Comment By: MorningwithFarah Date: 2011-04-12 09:01:00
    If you haven't heard of Jamin Winans, don't worry. You will. I'm talking about one of my favorite up
    and coming young filmmakers who is sure to find some traction in mainstream cinema before long.
    Jamin Winans broke onto the indie scene with a short film, SPIN, which played at over 75 film
    festivals and garnered over 40 rewards. His feature film follow-up to SPIN came almost four years
    later, with the hugely popular independent film, INK. INK is one of my favorite films of 2009 and
    has been a fan favorite nearly everywhere it plays. Winans directed, edited, and scored the movie
    himself and because of this, it has an immense amount of emotional resonance and feels like a very a
    personal film. It was soon pirated and torrented, though the filmmakers saw this as an opportunity
    rather than a burden. If you're looking for more information on INK, check out reviews here and
    here, or you can skip that, take my recommendation, and just buy the DVD right now. It's also
    available on Netflix's WatchInstantly feature for easy viewing. Check out Winans' new short film,
    UNCLE JACK, after the jump.
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  • case42
Spokane Valley , Washington ,
United States of America
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  • OBITUARIES  |  Apr 10, 2011 11:37:42  |  By case42
    ... and daughter- in-law, John and Michelle Gosnell of Lawrenceville, Ill. Eight grandchildren also survive, Jenelle and Jamin Winans, Jennifer Tyler, Jason and Carrie Benham, Bradley Potts and Elliott and Anna Neal; a grandson-in-law, David Tyler...  View Full Article
  • Northern Exposures; MontrĂ©a...  |  Apr 10, 2011 11:37:42  |  By case42
    ... Palestine of 1914 - long before Israel was born - to examine a lively friendship between an Arab and a Jew. Love + Hate, by Jamin Winans, is ab...  View Full Article
  • FILM REVIEW: '11:59' puts D...  |  Apr 10, 2011 11:37:41  |  By case42
    ... accused with city-wide conspiracy lurking in every corner. Head of the Denver-based production company Double Edge Films, Jamin Winans wrote an...  View Full Article
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    ... Saints), Andre Davis (Buffalo Bills), Derrick Dockery (Redskins), Jamin Elliott (Falcons), John Elway (Retired/Denver Broncos), Demetric ... th...  View Full Article

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