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  1. zeitgeist
  2. Megloman
  3. peace dove
  4. Gaia's Grace
  5. Can You Imagine Peace?
  6. Peace Smiles
  7. Peace Flame
  8. Magic Rides on the Wings of Peace

About Megloman Biography

Frank Zappa
Just keep listening if you still don't like it. There's something for everyone in Frank Zappa's stylings.

Frank Zappa,Some Funny Chit Man

Frank Zappa, Pump'n Purple
kaley cuoco kaley cuoco
Owned By: baseballpops
Hits: 84829
Return: 204900.00%
Votes: Good   +23
Batman Batman
Owned By: yavanna
Hits: 156345
Return: 279400.00%
Votes: Good   +580
Lindsey Lohan Lindsey Lohan
Owned By: Arrffdude
Hits: 105413
Return: 658700.00%
Votes: Good   +2
Marisa Tomei Marisa Tomei
Owned By: Webloid
Hits: 184424
Return: 382100.00%
Votes: Good   +112

Comments (53)

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  • Megloman Comment By: Megloman Date: 2010-08-11 03:03:26
    when you get a moment give yourself the joy and mirth of listening to "Broken Hearts are for
    Assholes...#20 on the Zappa dial above...take it in the tongue and cheek spirit it was written in
    and sent...p.s. miss you...^0^@yavanna
    Votes:0Good   Poor
  • Megloman Comment By: Megloman Date: 2010-08-11 02:59:43
    crazy is just a state of's called GITMO...^0^@Soleliberty
    Votes:0Good   Poor
  • mariaozawa Comment By: mariaozawa Date: 2009-09-07 08:34:55
    Votes:0Good   Poor
  • yavanna Comment By: yavanna Date: 2009-06-05 04:43:03
    Very Nice Celebrity Page! 5 Stars to You!
    Votes:0Good   Poor
  • Soleliberty Comment By: Soleliberty Date: 2009-02-03 15:36:55
    You are crazy Megloman!
    Votes:0Good   Poor


  • Megloman
Victoria , British Columbia ,
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Celebrity Gossips

  • A photo that can steal your...  |  Aug 01, 2008 13:35:55  |  By Megloman
    By placing a new type of hybrid file on Web sites that let users upload their own images, researchers can circumvent security systems and take over Web surfers' accounts. At the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vega...  View Full Article
  • Zeitgeist Remastered  |  Jun 02, 2008 01:59:26  |  By Megloman
    The movie Zeitgeist is all debatable but take the two hours here to see what all the fuss is about. Click above link to get to this movie link, ref...  View Full Article
  • Coming October 2008...see p...  |  Jun 02, 2008 00:49:10  |  By Megloman
    An addendum to the original Zeitgeist. Click above link to see preview¬† here ¬†  View Full Article
  • To Open your Heart  |  Dec 02, 2007 03:53:06  |  By Megloman
    First one must believe...^0^  View Full Article

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