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Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives

About Victoria Vives Biography

Victoria Vives microphone Birth Name : M Victoria Vives Vila . Height: 5' 8" The stunning Victoria Vives is an aspiring superhero born in Madrid Spain with the name Victoria Vives Vila. Growing up as an only child in a highly feminine household with three maternal figures, including her mother, grandmother, and aunt, she began establishing her protagonistic nature by standing up for those who would not while attending an all-girls catholic school. Aside from her altruistic nature, Victoria boasts a multi ethnic heritage of Spanish, German, Nigerian, and English bloodlines with an innate passion for Asian, Arabic, and North American Culture. As a child, she especially remembers Star Wars, Jesus Christ Superstar, and the Disney Movies, enjoying the artistic mixture of passion, music, interplanetary adventure, and fairytale magic. As a budding adolescent, Victoria began enriching herself with an education in accounting, programming, multimedia, and fashion design. Although she completed her coursework with excellent marks, she ultimately decided to utilize her natural beauty and pursue a career in professional modeling. Soon after, Victoria progressed naturally into television, appearing in numerous TV shows including performances alongside Robbie Williams, Diana Ross, and The Platters. Victoria Vives with golden outfit
At the height of her television popularity in Spain, Victoria became well known as the Glu-Glu Girl in "Uno Para Todas" under the name of Anouk, in addition to becoming the representative image of the film and music TV show "Nosolomusica", and making appearances in Vogue, Rolling Stones, and major Spanish newspapers. At this time, she also began writing and producing her own music with great success, debuting in a concert with her childhood idol, the Latin music superstar Alaska (Fangoria) and 10,000 attendees. Victoria continued her success by writing the Olympic rap, in cooperation with another Latin music superstar, Nacho Cano (Mecano), for the Olympic Games Ceremony, and performing at charitable events such as the Magnanimous Peace Event with Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu and Spanish Supreme Judge Baltasar Garzon in Mexico. In 2004, at the height of her popularity in Spain, Victoria made a leap of faith and decided to take her talents to the entertainment capital of the world --- Hollywood. After a two year struggle as an immigrant artist starting from scratch in Los Angeles, Victoria teamed up with Production HQ in 2006 to produce her music video "Fuego", winning a Telly Award. Production HQ then invited her to be the Martial Arts trainer for the Z-Squad in Zombie Strippers, featuring Jenna Jameson, Richard Englund, and the makings of a cult classic. Victoria has now established herself as a full-time Model, Actress, Singer, Martial Artist, Belly Dancer, Samba Dancer, and Voice Over Artist for Ralph Lauren and others. She is in 2008 developing her new music album, her brain child, and her blog at wishing to bring as much happiness to others, through entertainment, as she has for herself. Victoria with wings Victoria Vives Films, Video Games and Television Victoria was raised under an extreme dichotomy, having a traditional devout Christian grandmother and strict Catholic schooling while her mother was a rebellious and free spirited single parent. As a young child, Victoria accepted the existence of God, yet she would question the why and how of the religious doctrines, asking the nuns at school for answers and receiving only vague anecdotes or lectures on faith at best. This curiosity would stay with her throughout her childhood and into early adulthood without significant answers. A ferocious pursuit for spiritual knowledge led Victoria to metaphysics, folk medicine, and the sciences including psychology, mathematics, and physics. It was through these studies that she gained a deeper knowledge of herself and the universe giving her solid direction and more concrete answers to her spiritual questions.

Movies such as Star Wars and The Matrix that effectively combined spirituality and mysticism with science fiction and heroism further fueled Victoria's passion for answers and also sparked her desire to fashion her image in entertainment as a superhero. Later, movies such as "What The Bleep Do We Know" and "The Secret" gave Victoria ideas about combining these powerful personal growth messages with superheroism to create the ultimate in positive and inspiring entertainment. IMDb Mini Biography By: Esteban Villarreal
Trivia: The lyrics, music, and concept for Victoria's music video "Fuego" were created by herself one year prior to production. Victoria Vives singing in a red outfit Victoria Vives as a superhero Victoria Vives kicking ass in the beach

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