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Farhad Darya

Farhad Darya
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About Farhad Darya Biography

Farhad \'Darya\' Nasher (Pashto/Persian: فرهاد دریا b. September 22, 1962, in Kabul, Afghanistan) is an Afghan singer and composer, as well as a highly acclaimed music producer, and Good Will and Peace Ambassador for Afghanistan to the United Nations. Widely popular, he has earned affection for not only his music but also patriotism. He has fan base that stretches from his native Afghanistan to Central Asia, Pakistan, and extending to the West among the Afghans.[citation needed] Farhad sings in various languages including: Pashto, Persian (Dari), Uzbek, English[citation needed] and Urdu. [edit] Early years and personal lifeFarhad Darya was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, to an Afghan family originating from Kunduz. Farhad\'s blood lineage can be traced to the Nasher Khans. Darya attended Sher Khan High School in Kunduz, which was named after his grandfather Sher Khan after whom the Sher Khan Bander [Sher Khan Dam] is also named. He started his first band by the name of Nayestan, meaning Reed-bed. He later graduated from Habibia High School.[citation needed] After high school he enrolled in the Polytechnical University of Kabul and then subsequently in Kabul University. It was while attending Kabul University that Darya founded his first professional band, Goroh-e-Baran, meaning Rain Band. Initially it was to be called Halqahai Tilayee (Golden Rings) but the newcomers later settled on the former title.[citation needed] The band itself was not largely successful, due in part to its non-traditional music; however, it did acquaint the public with the faces of the member singers: Darya, Asad Badie, Mukhtar Majid and Jawid Rahie.[citation needed] Still involved in his music career, Darya continued his studies in college. During this time, he wrote music for other artists under the pseudonym Abr (Cloud). In 1988, Darya became a professor at the university and taught Western classical music for a year before leaving for Europe.[citation needed] After traveling through Prague and Hamburg, Darya arrived in Paris, where he would meet Sultana Emam. The two were married in 1993, and moved to the United States in 1995, where they still live in the state of Virginia.[citation needed] In 1996, they had a son, Hejran Darya.[citation needed] and is 14 years old. [edit] Career[edit] Up Until late 1980sDuring the 1980s, Darya\'s focus was his education and his singing profession did not materialize into an established career.[citation needed] Mainly involved with the Rain Band, he was only recognized merely as a single part of a whole group. However, after his emigration from Afghanistan and the dissolution of the group, he embarked on a solo career.[citation needed] [edit] 1990s to PresentSince Farhad\'s television debut on Afghanistan\'s television network in 1980, he has released over two dozen albums-the acclaimed ones produced in exile, many of which deal with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the resulting misfortunes of the war-torn nation.[citation needed] Most of the music is aimed at helping the people of Afghanistan and bringing unity to his native country. His 2003 album Salam Afghanistan, specifically, deals with themes of national unity. These efforts have earned him much acclaim and the title of \"Best Singer of the Year\" in his country, and most recently in Copenhagen, Denmark.[citation needed] He has sung songs in various Afghan dialects, as well as in Uzbeki and Urdu.[citation needed] Darya started playing Afghan and Indian classical music since 1978. He intends to expand his knowledge in this domain as much as possible. Most of Darya\'s vocal exercises are in accordance with the rules of Hindustani classical music. [edit] Release of his successful album \"HA!\"In 2008 Darya released his international CD HA!. According to sources the CD has been a Super hit inside Afghanistan.[citation needed] The video of Nazdeek Shodan (Dohle Bezan) from his album HA was released on Afghanistan National Television, which was a hit among Afghans inside the country, and the afghan diaspora.[citation needed] Besides the latest album Ha farhad darya has many other hits like Ghamgen Kabul, Donya Gozaran, salam Afghanistan and khalwat e ku ke khayalat. He has sung both patriotic as well as romantic songs however, patriotic songs won more popularity than the romantic songs. [edit] FilmsDarya produced additional scoring and lyrics for Through Her Eyes a film by Mithaq Kazimi in 2007.[2][3] Darya produced background music for the film In Foreign Land (1998).[4] [edit] AwardsAfghanistan: Best Singer of the Year (2003) Denmark: Best Singer of the Year (2005) Afghanistan: \"Best Album of the Year\" (2008) Afghanistan: \"Best Singer of the Year\" (2009) Human Rights Award: (2007) Farhad Darya is also working on a new movie with Afghan actor Masood Jan and the movie is in post-production.[citation needed] [edit] Discography'Released in Afghanistan Yaare Bewafaa (یار بی وفا) Rahe Rafta (راه رفته) Afghan Folk Music (محلي) Zaro Jane (زارو جانه) Baran (باران) Ghazal (غزل) Bolbole Awara (بلبل آواره) Mazdeegar (مازديگر) Bazme Ghazal (بزم غزل) Mehrbaani (مهربانی) Released Abroad Begum Jan (بیگم جان) Ateschparcha (آتش پرچه) Afghanistan (افغانستان) Live In San Francisco (كنسرت سانفرانسيسكو) Shakar (شكر) In Foreign Land (در سرزمين بيگانه) Qabila-e-Ashiq (قبیلهء عاشق) Golom Golom (گُلم گُلم) Salaam Afghanistan (سلام افغانستان) HA!( 2008 ) Yahoo (2008) Compilations Listen To The Banned (2010)

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Farhad Darya has potential in Afghanistan and his bio shows all.
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