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About Kesha Biography

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Why Famous?

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Rihanna Rihanna
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  • whiteshadow
Launceston , Tasmania ,
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Celebrity Gossips

  • Bobcats, Ladycats end seaso...  |  Mar 03, 2011 02:03:48  |  By whiteshadow
    The 2010-11 Hope senior Bobcats and Ladycats: Ladycats - Brittney Cheatham; Kavaughnjla Eason; Makkia Fellows; Frecheska Fields; Ariana Mathis; Porche' Miller; Chasity Rogers and Kesha Thompson. Bobcats – Dean Cage; Miguel Chavez; Devonte Harris; ...  View Full Article
  • Don't freak out, but Kesha'...  |  Mar 03, 2011 02:03:47  |  By whiteshadow
    Ke$ha's new video is like one big cheese dream, a cheese dream involving Dawson (or "James Van Der DOUCHE" as she brilliantly calls him during the ...  View Full Article
  • Kesha 'Blow' Video Feat. Ja...  |  Mar 03, 2011 02:03:46  |  By whiteshadow
    Kesha recruits Dawson for her latest video, 'Blow.' Watch the glitter princess party up with unicorns here. Kesha hangs out with unicorn people, an...  View Full Article
  • For Kesha, lack of substanc...  |  Mar 03, 2011 02:03:46  |  By whiteshadow
    Which brings us to brash juggernaut-in-waiting Kesha. From the start, many dismissed Kesha as either a shameless provocateur (Gaga) or a bubblegum ...  View Full Article

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