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The Fray

The Fray
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About The Fray Biography

In the spring of 2002, schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King met up in a local Guitar Center. They soon began regular two-man jam sessions that led to writing songs and devising a style pitched between the arena-friendly style of U2 and the Triple-A rock of bands like Coldplay. Slade and King later added Zach Johnson and Slade's brother Caleb to the band. Johnson left The band to attend an art school in New York.[4] Wysocki, a former bandmate of Isaac Slade, then became the drummer for The Fray. The bittersweet relationship between the brothers became the inspiration for "Over My Head (Cable Car)".[3] Since Caleb's departure, The Fray has not used a bassist on a permanent basis. Later, Welsh, who was another former bandmate of Slade and Wysocki, was added to the band.
the band chose their name "The Fray" from a suggestion bowl that was placed at a graduation party for Caleb Slade. The members of The band first claimed that they found the name suitable because they frequently quarreled over the composition of the lyrics in their songs. However, they have since stated that the band is usually on good terms while composing music, and acknowledges contributions from all of its members.[5]
In 2002, the band released Movement EP, a collection of four songs. Very few copies were pressed, and it is currently unavailable for purchase. The next year, they released Reason EP to some local critical acclaim, particularly by Denver's Westword alternative newsweekly.[6][7] Despite these rave reviews, the band struggled to launch a single. Denver radio station KTCL rejected eight of their songs before The band decided to submit "Cable Car". The song found airplay on a KTCL radio show highlighting local bands, and the radio station received a large number of requests for it soon thereafter.[8] "Cable Car" eventually became one of the stations top thirty most played songs of 2004, helping the band's popularity to grow locally.
Later that year, the band was voted "Best New band" by Denver readers of Westword. Epic records found out about the band through Westword's original article, which had the interest of A&R man Daniel Davis.[9] Epic records officially signed the band on December 17, 2004, and released their debut album, How to Save a Life, in September 2005. the band changed the name of "Cable Car" to "Over My Head (Cable Car)", and by the end of 2005, it had become KTCL's most played song of the year. Adding even more fame to the song it was included on the soundtrack for the film Stealth.
In July 2005, The Fray opened for Weezer for ten concerts. At the conclusion of the Weezer tour, the band opened for Ben Folds for twelve shows. The Fray headlined their own tour in January 2006, playing with Mat Kearney and Cary Brothers.

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  • juhn Comment By: lottoresults Date: 2007-05-18 08:17:57
    Very nice, yeh Ive heard them before, just didnt know there name was the frey .
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    nice work please visit for free ad space and free contest for domain thanks
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  • Raul Comment By: raul Date: 2007-01-31 19:51:45
    today I heard a song and afterwards they said who it was and I said to myself, "oh, that's the
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  • alexc Comment By: alexc Date: 2007-01-24 08:58:13
    Great Idea..I loved the bio info!!!
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  • Alan P Comment By: alan pestow Date: 2007-01-14 19:25:21
    People in Denver can not get enough of the Fray
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