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Allen Worthey Biography

Mini Biography Allen Worthey is an aspiring film composer born 1975 in Amory, Mississippi. His roots are fixed in the fertile soil of Mississippi's music traditions - gospel, country, jazz, blues, and rock-and-roll. Musical experiences were abundant throughout childhood with evenings of his father's guitar-picking, all-day gospel singings, and vinyl records of cousin Elvis.

At age 12, he received his first formal instruction on piano and classical piano literature from Mrs. S. J. McDuffie and soon earned a national honor in the National Federation Festivals Junior Division. A conversation during a piano lesson his junior year of high school became the crucial moment in his career. He learned that a former classmate was studying music in the university - that, indeed, Music lessons were administered in open classrooms, not in secret, in spare utility closets at school during recess! He knew immediately that he had discovered his calling. Thereafter he devoted himself earnestly to improving his knowledge and skills in music.

His last year of high school he became acquainted with the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and the sounds of Brazil, which made a lasting impression. Uncertain about which path he should choose after high school, he followed a classmate to Itawamba Community College since he had earned scholarships for ACT scores, choir, marching band and the College pop group Kaleidoscope to cover the entire tuition. It is here that he made his first attempts at Music composition since childhood under the guidance of his piano instructor Mr. Jeffery M. Myers.

With encouragement, he pursued piano lessons from Myers' professor Mr. Raymond K. Liebau at the university of Mississippi. After some difficulty in meeting the demands of the requisite piano literature, he genuinely began to flourish and to win the praise of the piano faculty. During his time at Ole Miss he received considerable training from Mr. Stacy Rodgers on piano, Mr. Liebau in composition, Dr. Laurdella Foulkes-Levy in theory and Dr. Burt J. Levy in composition, which clarified his vision for his career in music composition. He participated in various ensembles including Mississippi Early Music Ensemble, University Chorus, Men's Glee Club, "Pride of the South" Marching band and Opera Theatre.

On a study-abroad program to Paris, his already-avid interest in Surrealism and Impressionism escalated, causing him to discontinue his university studies for the surging creative energy of France's capital city. On the premise of studying French at La Sorbonne, Paris became his home for the next three years as he attempted unsuccessfully to acquire entry into the Conservatoire de Paris and tutoring from Yan Maresz. However, he did gain familiarity with the music of Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez and the exotic motifs of the Far and Near East.

Frustrated with the French bureaucracy which proved to be an impassable obstacle, he resolved to relocate to New York City where his citizenship would not become an issue. But these plans coincided with the tragedy that crippled the city in 2001. In reaction, he sought opportunities in film and television in Los Angeles. In 2004, that opportunity came to him at Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures with film composer Klaus Badelt on the project Catwoman starring Halle Berry.

Currently, Allen is studying music composition with composer Alex Shapiro.Inner Guard, James Worthley (Beverly ...
Inner Guard, James Worthley (Beverly ...Allan Precision Equipment
Allan Precision Equipment
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