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Avery Crounse Biography

Date of Birth 1946, Kentucky, USA

Mini Biography Avery Crounse, an award winning director and photographer has written three theatrical feature films that have played worldwide. Avery, who also owns his own production company, Elysian Pictures, directed and wrote his first film in 1983, a western/horror film entitled "Eyes of Fire" starring Dennis Lipscomb and Guy Boyd. The film, which went on to become one of the most acclaimed films of 1984, was called by The New York Times as a "bizarrely fascinating story" and that "Crounse's visual imagination is extraordinary". Crounse's next film, "The Invisible Kid" starring Oscar nominee Karen Black, also received some critical acclaim. His most recent film, "Cries of Silence", also starring Karen Black, and Kathleen York and Ed Nelson was quoted by The Los Angeles Times as "an exquisite drama". "Cries of Silence" went on to win numerous awards including Best Picture and Best Actress for his daughter Erin Buchanan at the Giffoni International Film Festival. Besides Crounse's work in motion pictures, he is also an acclaimed photographer, his works have been published in American Photographer and is the subject of television documentary with his prints seen in over twenty countries. Crounse has most recently relocated to his home town of Paducah, Kentucky.Bill Crounse, MD
Bill Crounse, MDWilliam Crounse
William Crounse
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Profits from Sale of
... downtown Paducah, created by photographer and filmmaker Avery Crounse, will be used by the Paduc...
Dogwood Trail ready
Apr. 18--Avery Crounse deferred all the credit and thanked his planting predecessors at Monday's ann...
`Invisible Kid' shou
... Cindy Moore Chynna Phillips Grover's mom Karen Black Taurus Entertainment Cp. presents a film wr...
Maryland 3A South Re
... consciousness, said Panthers Coach Steve Crounse. With his pulse faint and blood pressure ... Ma...

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Avery Crounse
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Avery Crounse
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