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Carlos Amezcua Biography

Date of Birth 29 August 1953, San Diego, California, USA

Spouse Mary (8 July 1976 - present) 5 children
Trivia His ancestors came to the New world from Spain in the late 1500s and a century or so later settled in the San Diego area. He first became acquainted with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 12 when his step-grandmother, a less-active member of the Church, signed him up with an LDS-sponsored Boy Scout troop. He and his brother both became Eagle Scouts and formed friendships with LDS boys. One of these friendships led him to attend BYU. He was baptized there and served a mission. Upon returning, he studied broadcasting at BYU and later did an internship at KTVX Channel 4 in Salt Lake City.He has a gold record! He fulfilled One of his life long dreams when he got the chance to work with one of the greatest rock bands of all time, "Chicago". The trumpet player Lee Loughnane asked him to write Spanish lyrics for "Let it Snow" and Longhnane sang the song in Spanish. It is the only Spanish track on Chicago 26 "The Christmas Album."Personal Quotes The gospel keeps you grounded. On a regular basis I meet with a president, or a movie star, and pretty soon it is easy to start to think you are like these people. Trust me, you are not.[In 1984 when he was working in San Diego, he was sent to cover a shooting at a restaurant. He was the first reporter on the scene and witnessed what became a massacre.] I saw little children and women getting shot and killed. He [the gunman] shot at me; it was very frightening. When it was all over, I went home and hugged my children and cried big tears. I sought out the Lord in fasting and prayer; that, and my wife, Mary, helped me through all of it.There are also a lot of wrecked families in the media business. Every day you read about somebody in the media getting a divorce. The center of my life has always been my family - my wife and my children. I love the Church [of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints], and my family keeps me going. My family is more important than television news; it is the center of my focus. It is a very real threat to a family when Dad doesn't pay attention to home.My first job was at KSL-TV, Channel 5, and my first reporting was with the big guys, Dick Nourse, Bob Welti and Paul James, the most popular news anchor, weatherman and sportscaster in the city at the time. I reported, I vacuumed the newsroom floor, and I went for cheeseburgers. I felt really blessed and lucky to break into the competitive news business.
... our Fox11 family Carlos Amezcua.
... our Fox11 family Carlos Amezcua.carlos amezcua
Carlos Amezcua
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Carlos Amezcua
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Carlos Amezcua
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