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Francesca Castellano Biography

Date of Birth 4 March 1965, London, England, UK

Mini Biography Francesca Castellano was born in London, England. She has worked for 13 years in the film industry mainly in the Production department and now works as a Production Co-ordintor / Production Manager. She speaks fluent Italian and French.8901 - Castellano Sconce/Bath
8901 - Castellano Sconce/Bath6934-1WB - Francesca Sconce. $ 36.00
6934-1WB - Francesca Sconce. $ 36.00
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  • FRANCESCA AROSTEGUI (Shrpintz) is no ...
  • domingo, 27 de febrero de 2005
  • Seated children: Giuseppe, Francesca ...
  • Seated children: Giuseppe, Francesca ...
  • Mi Primero Post en Castellano
  • Jean and Francesca in a medieval ...
  • Observers: Francesca Lucentini ...
  • Observers: Francesca Lucentini ...
  • Observers: Francesca Lucentini ...
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... Duncan. Directed, written by Kevin McCarey. Camera (color), Gary Eckert; editor, Francesca Placi...
EVANS HOSPITAL CASTELLANO: Ronald and Beatrice, Fort Carson, a girl, May 11. SKAAR: Wesley ... Chris...
Deeds.(On The Record
... Reynal Road Realty Corp., Mahopac. Seller: Valerie Burrows-Castellano, White Plains. Property: v...
'Godfather' DVD set:
... if you can remember these scenes: The year is 1958. Francesca, a twin daughter of the late Sonny...

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Francesca Castellano
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Francesca Castellano
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