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Hans Hvass Biography

Date of Birth 15 February 1902, Copenhagen, DenmarkCover by Glenn Steward
Cover by Glenn StewardSlightly off the beaten track and ...
Slightly off the beaten track and ...
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  • Cover Artist: Nan Na Hvass
  • Hans J. Wegner 1914 - 2007
  • Flip - Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
  • and trivia about llamas.
  • ... Nan Na Hvass (of Hvass\x26amp;Hannibal) ...
  • Red. af Hans Hvass. 5 bdn.
  • Hans Stenderup Jensen Bert Amstutz
  • Design: M041 Niels Hvass. Tel.
  • Design: M036 Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
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King of chairs.(Dani
... his walk to a shuffle. But talk to him about his work and Hans Wegner's face lights up as he sho...
The Jewish community
... 17. Hammerich, Undtagelsen, p. 244. 18. Hans Kirchhoff, Endlosung over Danmark, in Foreren ... E...
... 4, 2004 after an extended illness. Preceded in death by her husband, William Clark. Survived by ...
Johannes v. Jensen's
... jovnsides den gamle Enojede. Men deres Blod flod levende i AEttens Aarer. Fra Dreng, der ikke ku...

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Hans Hvass
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Hans Hvass
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