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Ivan Goff Biography

Date of Birth 17 April 1910, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Date of Death 23 September 1999, Santa Monica, California, USA (Alzheimer's Disease)

Spouse Natalie Draper (19?? - 1964) (divorced)
Trivia Sons Kevin, Trevor, BrianBACK
BACKCreated by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts
Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts
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  • Ivan Goff, Uilleann Piper
  • ... champion musician, Ivan Goff, ...
  • Creator(s) : Ivan Goff et Ben ...
  • Créateur(s) : Ivan Goff et Ben ...
  • Ivan Goff uilleann pipes
  • ... Lisa Gutkin, and Ivan Goff.
  • ivan_goff.jpg
  • Ivan Goff, fomer piper for ...
  • --Ivan Goff
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Interview: Jane Goff
... 09-18-2004 Interview: Jane Goff talks about the destruction by Hurricane Ivan on Grenada Host: J...
Obituary: Ivan Goff
... The men who wrote the line were Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, whose partnership ... he was putting ...
Ivan Goff, Film, TV
Ivan Goff, co-creator of the TV series "Charlie's Angels ... partner for 39 years, the late Ben Robe...
Tom Goff, ex-Tribune
... having been his friend." In addition to his wife and his sons, Goff is survived by his mother, A...

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Ivan Goff
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Ivan Goff
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