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Jack Ireland Biography

Date of Birth 28 February 1978, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Height 6' 2" (1.88 m)

Mini Biography Jack Ireland found his love of movies and filmmaking from a young age. His favorite show when he was a kid was called "Lights, Camera, Action!" hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Before the prominence of VCRs or DVDs, with which he could record, Jack would bother his parents to stay up all hours of the night to watch the reruns, even if he had seen them already.

Jack was born on July 22, 2002. Officially, according to his birth certificate, he was born on February 28th, 1978, but life didn't really begin for Jack until he was 24. Jack has always been a wanderer of sorts, going from city to city, and state to state. His favorite way to travel is by train, as he believes that it's the best way to enjoy the country. If you ask him where he was "raised", he'll tell you about the far and wide reaches of the United States where he has lived, the mountains in Arizona, the oceans of California, the golden fields of Kansas, and the times before his parents got divorced living in Kansas City, Missouri.

Before going to film school, and finding his niche, Jack had about every job one could hold. From being a bouncer at Stanford and Son's Comedy Club in Kansas City, to selling cigars, to clearing lots and washing dishes. He found himself arriving in New York just after 9/11 and worked in FAO Schwarz and hauling fish at the Foulton Street Fish Market, ironic only because he is deathly allergic to organism that swims.

Then in 2002, Jack went back to California absolutely broke. After getting drunk one night, he filled out a "request for information" in a SPAM e-mail and a few weeks later he was in film school at Brooks Institute of Photography. He did extraordinarily well, strange only because when he was growing up, he was a less than spectacular student. Unfortunately, his dreams were bigger than the boundaries set by the school, and only a year later, he was out and about to start his professional career while his friends stayed behind. He spent 4 months living in Chicago before moving back to Los Angeles and then to New York where he lives now. ask him now where he's from and he'll smile and say "I love NY".

Trivia He has lived in 13 cities in 10 states, sometimes two and three times over.He is a die-hard New York Yankees and Kansas City Chiefs fan. He's also played semi-professional Rugby.His biological father is a Cardiologist in Kansas City, while his step-father is a graduate of the Naval Academy and flew combat missions during Desert Storm.His brother is a helicopter pilot for the United States Marine Corps. He also has a sister, a step-sister, and two half sisters.The green phoenix he uses for his film company's logo represents when his life really started at 22.... breeder/judge Mr. Jack Ireland
... breeder/judge Mr. Jack IrelandIn 1997 Jack Ireland, Canada, ...
In 1997 Jack Ireland, Canada, ...
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Jack Ireland
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Jack Ireland
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