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Jack Maple Biography

Date of Birth 1952, Queens, New York, USA

Date of Death 4 August 2001, (colon cancer)... vs Jack bass. The birdseye maple ...
... vs Jack bass. The birdseye maple ...Written by Jack Maple ...
Written by Jack Maple ...
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  • Authors: Jack Maple, Chris Mitchell
  • ... maple tree to Jack Eddison.
  • Home of Black Jack, Son of KALR ...
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  • Authors: Jack Maple, Chris Mitchell
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... 08-06-2001 NYC crimefighter Jack Maple dies NEW YORK, Aug 06, 2001 ... International via COMTEX)...
Profile: John "Jack"
00-00-0000 Profile: John Jack Maple dead at 48 of colon cancer Host ... fighting crime in New York C...
'Go get the scumbags
... a hig-city police chief. Jack Maple is his antithesis--a brash ... private consortium, to hire J...
Newsweek: GUEST ESSA
... get what you pay for, writes Jack Maple, the New York City Police ... further combat police brut...

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Jack Maple
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Jack Maple
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