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Mallika Sherawat Biography

Initially an AIR-hostess with Indian National Carrier AIR INDIA, she married and divorced Karan Singh Gill, a pilot.She first featured in a music video sung by Surjit Bindrakhiya along with Ishita Arun. Mallika became popular for her show of skin and several kisses in her movie Khwahish (2003) which was, by Indian standards quite scandalous, as it featured seventeen on-screen kisses. Later that year, she starred in Murder, again a film that raised eyebrows, since She showed a lot of skin. She was nominated in the 'Best Actress' category in the Zee Cine Awards, for her part in Murder. She has also been in the news for an appearance in a Jackie Chan film, The Myth, in which she plays the daughter of a martial arts veteran. She appeared at the Cannes film festival as part of the publicity for the film. Time Magazine film critic Richard Corliss, on meeting Sherawat at Cannes, described her as "a young woman, so gorgeous , curvaceous and genial, and so open in her ambition to be the next big thing, that she surely will be. Striding down the Croisette, making the paparazzi pop their bulbs, Sherawat summoned old-timers' memories of a festival 50 years ago, when the vision of the young Brigitte Bardot on the beach first sold the the world on the notion of this Riviera resort as the home for unbuttoned movie glamour. The movies may have grown more dour, but the stars still make it smile. As Cannes was, so Cannes is." In July 2004, the Bollywood film producers' union IMPAA temporarily blacklisted Mallika. Filmmaker Ramesh Sharma complained that she had committed a breach of contract when She failed to turn up, as promised, for the filming of Kab Kyun Kahan (started in 1999). Mallika, who has earned her reputation by shocking the Indian middle class, was the first Indian woman rumoured to get an offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine.But later playboy magazine denied to have made such an offer. --WikipediaMallika Sherawat’s ‘Mehbooba’ ...
Mallika Sherawat’s ‘Mehbooba’ ...... photo 7: Mallika Sherawat with ...
... photo 7: Mallika Sherawat with ...
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Bollywood actress Ma
... BOMBAY, India Bollywood's latest sex symbol Mallika Sherawat said Wednesday she will promote her first ... It's a big movie and he's a big star," Sherawat said of "The Myth" and her co-star. Sherawat, 23, plays an Indian princess with whom ...
Mallika Sherawat hea
HINDI screen siren Mallika Sherawat, pictured, who showed another side to her talent with her role i...
Indian actor Rahul B
... India Bollywood sex symbol Mallika Sherawat is an earnest worker and ... Rahul Bose. Screen sire...
Mallika Sherawat mov
Mumbai, Oct. 28 -- Mallika Sherawat has moved into Tabu's territory ... actors have come was when Ma...

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Mallika Sherawat
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Mallika Sherawat
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