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Alfredo Widman Alfredo Widman
Birth Name Luis Alfr
Robert Longden Robert Longden
A Canal People Rober
Tim Higham Tim Higham
Date of Birth 19 Jan
Ray Victory Ray Victory
Date of Birth 2 Nove
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Nicolas Lormeau Biography

Trivia Teaches at the CNSAD (National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Paris)EuropaEuropa.png
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Fable "The companion
... actress Celine SAMIE, Ulysse played by French actor Nicolas LORMEAU, the lion played by French a...
Actors Nicolas LORME
Martine Franck Magnum Photos 01-01-2003 Actors Nicolas LORMEAU and C?ne SAMIE being directed by Robe...
The ox played by Fre
... Magnum Photos 01-01-2004 The ox played by French actor Nicolas LORMEAU. Fable "L'Homme et la Cou...
Fable "The Companion
... Ulysses" - "Les Compagnons d'Ulysse". Ulysses (Ulysse): Nicolas Lormeau. Circea (Circ?: C?ne Sam...

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Nicolas Lormeau
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Nicolas Lormeau
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