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Pa Neumueller Biography

Date of Birth 22 January 1963, Stockholm, Sweden

Birth Name Pa Margareta Madeleine Neumüller

Mini Biography Pa was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. She studied journalism and acting on some of the best television and broadcasting schools in Sweden, then she moved to USA where she stayed for over 12 years. She was doing guest appearances in various American TV shows and in the early 1980s she appeared in "The Young and the Restless" (1973). Her real break came with the popular adventure series "High Mountain Rangers" (1988) where She played the main female character Robin Kelly. Then she returned to Sweden for works as a program host for different Swedish TV shows.

She has worked as a radio speaker for the Swedish radio station Mix Megapol and now she's a speaker for Radio Stockholm. Pa is also known as a weather-girl, a speaker for Documentaries and voice-work in animated movies. In several times she has worked with cartoons on Disney Channel and she's regularly doing voice-work for TV and Radio Commercials. Pa has also done modeling job for Fashions shows, Editorials and Prints. Today, Pa lives in Stockholm, in Sweden, with her husband and their daughter Daphne. Pa is working on with different things and is also writing on two children books.

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... had tattoos, he said. NHL to Lock Out Players Thursday Laura Neumueller, manager of Granville Sp...
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... to quash expected resistance in the House of Lords. (AP Photo/PA, Edmond Terakopian) LONDON (AP)...
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... had tattoos, he said. NHL to Lock Out Players Thursday Laura Neumueller, manager of Granville Sp...
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... had tattoos, he said. NHL to Lock Out Players Thursday Laura Neumueller, manager of Granville Sp...

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