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Seth William Meier Biography

Date of Birth 30 August 1974

Height 6' 1" (1.85 m)

Mini Biography Seth William Meier, started his career in acting with a simple twist of fate. At a young age, Meier was obsessed with drawing and painting and kept rather odd pen pals by drawing back and forth with a few of the founding fathers of Walt Disney Animation: Ollie Johnson, Frank Thomas and Ward Kimball. Through a love of character expressed on the page, Meier was coached throughout letters on improving his skill. "Take up acting to learn your characters," was the bit of advice that led Meier to take up the stage in local theatre in the Boston Community. Then at the age of 17, he received his first professional break in the feature film, School Ties.

Meier continued his training in Film and Theater at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York and abroad in London, England under Mel Churcher from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Meier now lives predominantly in Los Angeles to maintain the west-coast division of in the partnership of Burnside Entertainment producing Independent Films, while maintaining a home in New York City.... featuring Seth William Meier, ...
... featuring Seth William Meier, ...Seth William Meier Acting Reel - 5 ...
Seth William Meier Acting Reel - 5 ...
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Seth William Meier
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Seth William Meier
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