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Sonny Perdue Biography

Date of Birth 20 December 1946, Perry, Georgia, USA

Birth Name George Ervin Perdue III

Spouse Mary Perdue (September 1972 - present) 4 children
Trivia Governor of Georgia (2003- ).Governor Sonny Perdue
Governor Sonny PerdueSonny Perdue has weighed in with a ...
Sonny Perdue has weighed in with a ...
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  • Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue ...
  • Sonny Perdue is SECRET CHAMBER MAN
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  • Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue
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Profile: Georgia pol
... adjusting to the surprise win of Sonny Perdue, the first Republican governor ... reporting: From all indications, Sonny Perdue wasn't supposed to be the first ... mean almost no one--predicted that Sonny Perdue would be elected our governor ...
Interview: Sonny Per
... Considered (NPR) 01-15-2004 Interview: Sonny Perdue and Janet Napolitano discuss the ... Napolit...
Interview: Governors
... Governors Jennifer Granholm and Sonny Perdue discuss their respective states ... state's budget....

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Sonny Perdue
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Sonny Perdue
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