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Tobey Maguire Biography

Born Tobias Vincent Maguire, Tobey's parents were 18 and 20 and unwed when he was born. His father, Vincent, was a cook. His mother, Wendy, was a secretary. They split two years after his birth, leaving Maguire to ricochet between them, moving constantly around California, Washington, and Oregon. Tobey started out in the business working the usual commercial and TV-bit circuit taking on small parts untill eventually landing a starring role in a short-lived Fox sitcom, Great Scott!Tons of Tobey Maguire NEW HQ Pics
Tons of Tobey Maguire NEW HQ PicsTobey Maguire wallpaper. comments
Tobey Maguire wallpaper. comments
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A hero's ride: havin
Our hero, Tobey Maguire, is between movies. He's just wrapped ... black-and-white. But a hero? This ...
The Rising Star at T
Tobey Maguire is no hunky movie star. If he were, he ... Homer's Odyssey "Homer had a lot of pride."...
It's a wonder-ful li
Tobey Maguire is regarded as one of the ... began is a case in point. Maguire's dad had always worke...
Mystery man: with an
Tobey Maguire is not exactly what ... for his work on set, Tobey really jumped off ... For whatever ...

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