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Tom Joyner Biography

Date of Birth Tuskegee, Alabama, USA

Nickname The Fly Jock
The Hardest Working Man In Radio

Spouse Donna Richardson (29 July 2002 - present) Dora Chatmon (? - 1996) (divorced) 2 children
Trivia Tom Joyner was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1998.Attended Tuskegee University with Lionel Richie.Is an advocate for the UNCFWas a member of the group The Commodores, but was told by his father to drop out of the group because he felt they were going nowhereHe has two sons, Tom, Jr. and Oscar from a previous marriage.He earned his nickname "The Fly Jock" because he hosted two Radio shows, in the morning he performed his early morning radio show in Chicago for WGCI and he would fly to perform his radio Show in DallasHas a nationally syndicated Radio show, "The Tom Joyner Morning Show"A member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.Personal Quotes "First we get people laughing, then we get 'em to listen. If you can get people to listen, then they begin to think, and that's when they start making a difference."
TOM JOYNER. [Click to enlarge]
Tom Joyner. [Click to enlarge]‘Fly Jock’ Tom Joyner on cover of ...
‘Fly Jock’ Tom Joyner on cover of ...
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What can you say about Tom Joyner the "hardest working man on radio ... him the nickname "The Fly Jock" and Tom Joyner honed his skill with the microphone ... it was time for a change. "The Tom Joyner Show," became nationally syndicated ...
Interview: Tom Joyne
... Talk of the Nation (NPR) 09-19-2005 Interview: Tom Joyner discusses his book "I'm Just A DJ But ...
TV One to Air The To
... Md., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tom Joyner Sky Show, the traveling morning radio ... live audie...
Radio Host Tom Joyne
Atlanta Inquirer 05-26-2001 Radio Host Tom Joyner And Isaac Hayes Team Dallas--ABC ... signed an agr...

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Tom Joyner
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Tom Joyner
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