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WH Auden Biography

Date of Birth 21 February 1907, York, England, UK

Date of Death 29 September 1973, Vienna, Austria (heart failure)

Birth Name Wystan Hugh Auden

Mini Biography Author, poet and composer, educated at Oxford University, and a US citizen in 1946. He co-authored the verse plays: "The Dog Beneath the Skin", "The Ascent of F6", and "On the Frontier". His poetry volumes include: "Double Man". "The Shield of Achilles" (National Book Award), "For the Time Being"' "Collected Shorter Poems", and "The Age of Anxiety" (Pulitzer Prize, 1948). He authored "Spain", and co-authored "Education, Today and Tomorrow", plus he co-edited "Poet's Tongue". His awards include Bollingen, Alexander Droutsky, and Guinness. He joined ASCAP in 1958, and collaborated musically with Igor Stravinsky. His musical works include "On This Island" (poems set to music), and the opera "The Rakes Progress".

Spouse Mann, Erika (15 June 1935 - 27 August 1969) (her Death)
Trivia Son-in-law of German writer Thomas MannHe was a long-Time friend and frequent correspondent of J.R.R. Tolkien (although they rarely saw each other).Longtime companion of Chester Kallman.Originally scheduled to co-write the lyrics for "Man of La Mancha" with Chester Kallman. Both he and Kallman dropped out of the project when they and librettist Dale Wasserman disagreed about the point of view they should take when writing songs for Don Quixote to sing. Auden and Kallman did write some lyrics for the show, but they were entirely scrapped, and Joe Darion was hired instead.Personal Quotes [on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"] If someone dislikes it, I shall never trust their literary judgment about anything again.
W.                         H. Auden.
W. H. Auden.W. H. Auden
W. H. Auden
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'Kirchstetten, recei
THE INSCRIPTION on the headstone reads: WH Auden 1907-1973 Poet And Man Of Letters To find where he is buried ... and laid wreaths. The 25th anniversary of the death of WH Auden passed without anyone in England much noticing. But in ...
Stop all the clocks.
... surprisingly little fuss has been made about WH Auden in 2007, the centenary of his birth ... ar...
WH Auden
... intelligent. poetic. expressive. Auden, WH Poet W.H. Auden won a 1948 Pulitzer ... the Skin" and...
How WH Auden lied ab
THE poet WH Auden was interrogated by MI6 over his suspected ... to Moscow. The spy had tried to con...

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WH Auden
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WH Auden
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