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Latest Development

Latest Developments

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Exciting earning opportunities  
Move By:  The Weblo Team  07-Jul-2010  

Hi Weblonians,

Your chances of making more money with Weblo keep getting better and better! To help our members become money making machines we’re continuously working on updates and changes that will definitely bring more zip to your stride. Take part in the Weblo Community and increase your opportunities to earn real money by registering a city or state. 

State prices have stayed the same, but now city prices have changed based on the population of cities.  Cities with a population greater than 50k are up for grabs at $1000, cities with a population between 10-50k people are up for grabs at $500, and those cities with a population less than 10k are available at $100, all with an annual subscription.  Members who owned more than two cities now have a chance to earn double the original cost of the city when another member purchases it. 

This change will help members manage their maximum of two cities with ease.  Owners of cities become Mayors just as owners of states become Governors, and with every business listing registered the Mayor of that city will earn 10% in commissions, while Governors of that state will earn 5% in commissions.  In addition, up to 30% in commissions will go to the Weblo Agent who refers a business listing to the respective owner for registration. 

These are the changes in a nutshell, where we expect to see some big money gains in our members accounts.

Thank you for your support,

The Weblo Team

eSelect deposits  
Move By:  The Weblo Team  30-Jan-2009  

Hi Weblonians,

Effective today, we will no longer accept/support E-select as a deposit or withdrawal mechanism.

Thank you for your support,

The Weblo Team

Pass Go Changes  
Move By:  The Weblo Team  13-Jan-2009  

Hi Weblonians,

Due to recent reductions in advertising payout rates caused by the economic climate, we are forced to adjust the Pass Go payment mechanism as follows:

  • Basic members now receive $0.50 per 10,000 hits after the initial 30,000 hits.
  • Bronze and Silver members get $0.70 per 10,000 hits after the initial 20,000 hits.
  • VIP and Gold members get $1.00 per 10,000 hits after the initial 10,000 hits.

This change is effective January 13th, 2009. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

The Weblo Team

New Image Names = Higher Traffic  
Move By: Member Support  21-Nov-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have improved the naming of images on to help bring more traffic and offer better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your Weblo assets.

The old system used to give different images numbered names for the sake of differentiating between different pictures. Now the pictures are named based on the asset. For example an image of Paris will now be labelled Paris.jpg.

This helps search engines, like google, index images that you upload to your sites and it helps attract more traffic. Member Support

One Account Limit  
Move By: Member Support  06-Oct-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have had some problems with a few members who are opening multiple accounts. We are taking steps behind the scenes to prevent this and we have also implemented a system to prevent users from opening more than one account from the same IP address.

There may be the odd case where two family members have separate Weblo accounts in the same house and in those situations we will consider allowing two accounts with the same IP.

Thanks, Member Support

Happy Birthday Weblo!  
Move By: Member Support  26-Sep-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

Happy Birthday Weblo and Weblonians. Today is the two year anniversary of the launch of

Since day one over 10,000 cities have sold, over 800 states have sold and over 6000 celebrities have Weblo celebrity site managers.

We have over 100,000 members who are developing better and better sites and buying and selling new Weblo cities, states, celebrities and domains every day.

We have some exciting new tech developments in the late stages of development that will make the third year of Weblo a milestone year.

Thank you again for helping us through our growing pains and please keep the feedback and suggestions coming in. We do look at all member feedback and many of your good ideas have been built into our development schedule.

Happy 2nd Birthday Weblo and may your third year be the best ever!

New Automatic Content!  
Move By: Member Support  18-Sep-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have launched a new module which gives you suggestions when you add news, pictures and videos to your Weblo pages. If a page doesn’t have content the space will automatically be filled with suggestions coming from various web services.

The suggestions are displayed directly on your asset pages, edit asset pages and content submission pages. Also on the edit asset page we will offer the opportunity to automatically upload suggested content and on the content submission page guests now have the option to suggest content.

In another exciting initiative, designed to bring better content to all pages and to improve low ranking and inactive pages, everybody can now upload content that meets the guidelines of our terms of service on any asset page that has a ranking below 7. This policy only kick-ins after an asset has been registered for 7 days or more so new owners have time to add their own content and get the ranking up over 7. If your rank is more than 7, you have an option to approve the content first.

Thanks, Member Support

New Bulk Domain Renewals!  
Move By: Member Support  12-Sep-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have good news for all Weblo domain owners. You can now extend multiple domains in bulk rather than one at a time. After feedback from members we made this a priority so that you can spend less time renewing domains and more time doing what you want.

It is important to remember that we do not have an automatic renewal feature. It is up to you to keep tabs on when your domains are expiring and to renew them. Now it will be easier because you can renew multiple domains at the same time.

You are also able to sort your domains by name, registration or expiry date. Sorting by expiry date allows you to quickly determine which domains need to be extended soon.

Here's how it works:
Log in and click “My Weblo” (third from the left in the top menu), then under the “Manage Assets” category click “My Domains”. The list of domains now includes an Extend column.

Each row in a table has a dropdown box where you can choose to extend a domain for 1 to 10 years.

At the bottom of the list, there is a total displaying how much it will cost to extend those selected domains.

If you like your selection type your transaction password and confirm the selection.

Thanks, Member Support

New Look, New Features!  
Move By: Member Support  30-Jul-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We launched an updated version of the site this week with some new features that give members more publicity, more control and more interactivity.

It includes a new "members currently online" feature at the top of the landing page. This promotes interactivity and helps you make connections. This is great exposure for members to have their profiles featured on the landing page. Member profiles also have new features.

Profiles now include 'My SoapBox' (a place for you to share your thoughts and beliefs), My Schools & Companies, My Blogs and My Horoscope.

Be sure to click on the "What are you doing right now?" link near the top right of your profile to keep everyone up to date.

These are all fun features that we encourage you to check out and use often so that our growing Weblo community spends more time interacting.

There is also a new feature that ranks the top cities and states on the landing page. 

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think. Thanks!

Domain Questions  
Move By: Member Support  07-Jul-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We continue to receive member support emails asking about Weblo domain renewals so hopefully this posting will help.

Weblo does not believe in negative option billing so we give our members the option of renewing their domains every 12 months. We send out reminder emails for each domain you own 30 days before the end of your 12 month ownership.

If you don't renew your domains in this final 30 day period you will lose ownership of that domain at the end of the 30 days.

If this happens and you intended to retain ownership of that domain, you can still re-aquire that domain by going to the main weblo domain page and registering that same domain again just as you did when you first acquired it. 

There is a chance some members may not see Weblo domain emails because some email filters may direct emails from "The Weblo Team" to junk or spam folders. So please check those other folders periodically to ensure you don't miss emails from "The Weblo Team."

You can also specify in your email settings that emails from "The Weblo Team" are OK to go straight to your inbox.


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