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Latest Development

Latest Developments

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Domain Renewals  
Move By: Member Support  16-Jun-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have received member support emails recently asking about domains and more specifically domain renewal.

Weblo does not believe in negative option billing so we give our members the option of renewing their domains every 12 months. We send out reminder emails for each domain you own leading up to the end of your 12 month ownership.

There is a chance some members may not see these emails because some email filters may direct emails from "The Weblo Team" to junk or spam folders. So please check those other folders periodically to ensure you don't miss emails from "The Weblo Team."

You can also specify in your email settings that emails from "The Weblo Team" are OK to go straight to your inbox.


Real Homes For Sale on Weblo!  
Move By: Member Support  06-Jun-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

Some enterprising Weblonians are now using Weblo to list real world real estate.

This makes perfect sense because Weblo allows you to own virtual copies of real world properties. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of traffic to a property page that might lead to a real world sale.

Here is an example of a real world property for sale on Weblo.

The great thing about this idea is that property pages often end up on the landing page as featured assets where they get seen by big traffic numbers

You could also have a property or a celebrity page to sell anything you like: cars, collectibles, sports equipment, etc.

You name it, you can try to sell it on Weblo.


Obama Versus McCain Showdown  
Move By: Member Support  05-Jun-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have launched the next stage of the U.S. Presidential Election at

This week Barack Obama secured enough delegates to win the Democratic party nomination for the 2008 Presidential election.

Republican nominee John McCain was waiting for his opponent and they are now campaigning head to head.

You can now have your say and vote for either McCain or Obama at by clicking the "Vote for President" banner on the right side of the landing page or the "Vote For President" button at the top of the landing page.

Weblo is tabulating a vote that will run from now until election day so this will be a great indication of who will be the next president of the United States.
You can vote and comment once every 24 hours so come back and vote every day to have an impact on the outcome.

New Content Sharing Feature!  
Move By: Member Support  13-May-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows Weblo members and guests to contribute content to all Weblo asset sites including sites they don't own. It can be described as a wiki style platform where Weblo users contribute information and content to each other.

For example: if you own Paris on Weblo someone else can upload their video of their visit to the Eiffel tower or upload some pictures or write comments about Paris. We believe this collaborative approach will make Weblo assets more interesting to visit and provide useful and entertaining wiki style information.

Unlike other collaborative sites, the owners of Weblo assets will make money from all the traffic that the collaborative content generates.

Of course this new feature leads to questions like: 'what if I don't like the content that is contributed to my site by others?' There is an easy answer for this one. The owner of an asset can approve or reject any new posting to their site.

To do this you log in and click 'My Weblo' (third from the left in the top menu). Then scroll down to the bottom right and use the “Manage Submitted Content” categories to accept or reject submissions from fellow Weblonians.

We suggest you log in on a regular basis to check your Submitted Content so you can stay on top of postings to your assets.

To submit content to other Weblonians' asset pages simply look for the + button beside News, Photos, Videos or any categories you would like to add content to. Click the + button and follow the steps.

We encourage you to submit content regularly to other members sites. The more content the better. Wikipedia has proven that when people work together collaboratively on the Internet the best content rises to the top.

So please check your Submitted Content categories under 'MyWeblo' on a regular basis so that you can approve submissions by fellow Weblonians and make sure you surf around Weblo and submit to sites that you have an interest in.


Update Content to Maximize Earnings  
Move By: Member Support  12-May-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

A quick reminder about the importance of adding new content to your Weblo city, state, property, celebrity and domain profiles so you can maximize your earnings.

Updating your content at least once a week leads to higher rankings and earnings. Updating content several times a day is even better for your rankings.

We recommend adding new pictures, videos, news, forums, polls or blogs to make sure you get rewarded with maximum payouts.

You should also try to add content that is relevant to your profile. For example, if you own a city try adding upcoming rock concerts or sports events to the news section of your city site. Or if you are managing a celebrity, update the site with the latest gossip.

This will make your sites more interesting and attract traffic plus help you qualify for higher earnings.

Vote Today During Key Election Primaries  
Move By: Member Support  06-May-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

Today is a critical day in the race to decide the Democratic nominee for President with the Indiana and North Carolina primaries happening now.

The ongoing election race shows Obama still has a substantial lead -63% to 37%. This could mean a couple of things. Obama may have a better web presence so he is getting more votes on the Internet than Clinton. Or Obama may be more popular internationally because the Weblo vote allows people from around the world to have their say.

They say this may the day that tips the balance in the Democratic race one way or the other. So make sure you take a few seconds and vote on Weblo.

On the republican side John McCain is the presumptive nominee but because Ron Paul has stayed in the race we have left him there so you can continue to vote for McCain or Paul if you wish. 

Your Ideas!  
Move By: Member Support  24-Apr-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We are always looking ahead several months down the road planning the next new features for

We would love to hear from you.

If you have ideas for enhancements to Weblo please email us at and put 'Weblo Ideas' in the subject line.


Good Image Galleries Attract Traffic!  
Move By: Member Support  15-Apr-2008  

Hi weblonians,

If you haven't posted any pictures lately you may want to visit your assets and use the new improved image gallery system to increase traffic to your image galleries.

When you post pictures be sure to give each image a good name that relates to your asset.

For example: If your Weblo property is Yankee Stadium you should name each picture with the word Yankee Stadium included in the title. This name will appear in the URL for that image and search engines will find your assets more easily. So if you are posting a picture of Babe Ruth be sure to label that picture 'Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium' or something similar to that.

Also make sure you add tags to your pictures. Simply fill in some keywords that you believe will help draw traffic to your asset site. For example: after you label your 'Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium' image add tags like: yankee stadium, baseball, world series, babe ruth, etc.

Labeling and tagging your images properly should attract more outside traffic to your assets.

New Look & 10,000 Cities  
Move By: Member Support  18-Mar-2008  

Hi Weblonians,  

Members from around have world have helped the Weblo community surpass a significant milestone. Over 10,000 cities and towns now have virtual mayors on 

In the beginning naysayers were skeptical about whether any cities would be acquired. It looks like they missed the mark by about 10,000.
  We surpassed another milestone this month as well. There are now over 5,500 Celebrity sites on Weblo.  

We hope you enjoy the new look and layout of the Weblo landing page. Our design team has delivered a clean and clear look to help first time visitors understand the concept quickly. We continue to see a steady increase in the number of unique visitors to Weblo. We expect this new design will lead to more members and increased activity on the site.
 We have some new features in the late stages of development that will continue to open more doors into the Weblo community.

Stay tuned for updates in this latest developments section.

Weblo Election Stats Favor Democrats  
Move By: Member Support  11-Mar-2008  

 Hi Weblonians,

As the U.S. Democratic race hits the critical final primaries there are some interesting stats from the Weblo vote to consider. These stats may be very telling when the real world election happens on November 4th.

Republican Mitt Romney claimed he was calling it quits so he could allow John McCain to focus on battling the Democrats for the presidency, rather than worrying about winning the Republican nomination. The Weblo vote statistics might indicate that this strategy has backfired.
If anything it has taken the attention off the Republicans and given Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama the spotlight.

At last check the two democratic candidates have received 84% of the total female vote on Weblo and 73% of the total male vote. This means only 16% of females and 27% of male voters have voted for a republican candidate.

There could be many conclusions made from this: Democratic voters are younger and more Internet savvy, the democratic race is simply more interesting to follow, the republican race was such a blowout that a vote for McCain would not affect the result as much as a vote for Obama or Clinton. No matter what the reasons for the overwhelming turnout for the democratic candidates the Weblo global vote continues to create some interesting results.

Keep voting and remember you can have your say once a day.

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