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Latest Development

Latest Developments

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Global Presidential Election Update!  
Move By: Member Support  20-Feb-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

If you follow the news you know how big the U.S. Presidential race is. This has been one of closest and most compelling campaigns ever.

The same is true on Weblo, except we are allowing the world to have a say in selecting who will be the next leader of the free world.

Right now in our global vote for President Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton by less ten percent. The Democratic race has been very dramatic with Hillary recently clawing back into the race after trailing by 15 percentage points on Weblo.

Please be sure to vote once a day so that you can influence this international Presidential poll.

So far 58% of the vote has come from U.S. Residents, 17% from Canadians and 25% from the rest of the world. We would love to see more female voters, currently 64% of our voters are men and only 36% are women.

Vote For President Now!  
Move By: Member Support  08-Feb-2008  

The U.S. President is the ruler of the free world so it’s time the world has their say! is allowing
everyone in the world a chance to participate in this critical election.  So instead of votes only being tabulated state by state by Democratic and Republican Party members in those states, is giving the global community a chance to vote.

We encourage our members to take the lead by voting first and spreading the word about this election!  
 Visitors and members can vote for one Democratic or Republican candidate every day, so vote now and vote often.

The vote tally is cumulative and global, making it the broadest and possibly truest indication of who the world believes should be leading the most powerful nation in the free world.

Click the election banner on the landing page and cast your ballot.

You can use your daily vote to support a Democratic or Republican presidential nominee. We are mirroring the real world presidential race so candidates will drop out of our race just as they do in the real world.
 Our global vote results are updated in real time so it is the most up to the minute election poll available. Our results will be shared with the media and this is an influential poll because it is global. So your vote might actually make a difference.
Click Fraud Final Warning  
Move By: Member Support  04-Feb-2008  

Dear Weblonians,

Weblo is continuing to monitor the entire site for click fraud and we are finding cases where it is still occuring so we are forced to clamp down more severely.

This is a final click fraud warning before we start suspending accounts and payments if you are guilty of click fraud.

Weblo has a zero tolerance click fraud policy.

If you are found guilty of repeatedly clicking ads within Weblo the following action will be taken:

1- Your account will be immediately and permanently suspended.
2- All earnings and payments will be withheld.
3- All of your Weblo assets will be taken away.

To avoid any penalties related to click fraud members are encouraged not to click ads within Weblo.

New Home Page & More New Features  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  30-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

This is a very positive day for the Weblo community. We have launched a series of new features (listed below) that will enhance Weblo and give you more control of the content on your Weblo assets:

New Homepage with IP Based Localized Mapping

Our new Weblo home page includes a Virtual World Map showing all registered real estate. This map is localized according to public IP addresses. So, if you are visiting the site from a public IP and you're from New York, you should see a New York map. Zoom in, zoom out, navigate the Weblo Virtual World in a totally different way!

Delete Comments From Your Pages

Members can now delete comments from their asset pages. If someone writes something inappropriate on your asset page just remove the comment when you log in.

Delete News From Your Pages

You can now delete news so only the items you want are posted.

Edit Pictures

You can now edit images without having to delete them and upload the original file again. Just click edit and make the changes.

Mature Content Blocker Phase II

The Mature Content Blocker Phase II is up and running. If the community deems your content inappropriate it will no longer appear on featured or top ranked lists. It will also not appear on the home page or on the Domain, Real Estate or Celebrities tabs. Please keep your content clean!

Enjoy the new look and let us know what you think. Thanks!

Google Ads & Weblo Ad Network  
Move By: Member Support  28-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians, 

You may have noticed there are now Yahoo and Google ads on Weblo pages. Unfortunately the Google and Yahoo Ad Networks still do not allow ad click payments to be shared with members of a website. This is the main reason why we have started the Weblo Ad Network. We believe the content providers (you!) should get paid for the ad revenue your content produces. Our goal is to promote and continue to strengthen the Weblo Ad Network so that ads fed from us will lead to direct payments to individual content providers.

We have chosen to publish Yahoo and Google ads and use this ad revenue to enhance the Weblo Ad Network and to help grow the Weblo community. This ad revenue will allow us to market the Weblo Ad Network and recruit a strong portfolio of advertisers. With our improving ad network you will receive higher revenue streams from ads fed from our Weblo Ad Network. We continue to pay out high percentages of ad click revenue to our members and as our Ad Network grows so will your profits. 

Beyond our Ad Network, the Weblo Pass Go program is still well above industry norms. Weblo members can earn up to $1.00 for every thousand hits on asset pages. This $1.00 CPM is still one of the highest offered online.
 We continue to work to grow revenue streams so that we can find more ways to pay you for your time spent online.
Payday & Top Earners!  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  15-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

January is on pace to surpass all previous months for the most unique hits. This is great news for the entire community. The more unique visitors we get the better it is for everyone's earning potential.

Today, Jan.15th, is payday so check out your stats to see your earnings.

There are some members making some big bucks right now.

Here a few examples of earnings in this latest one month pay period:
rvand422: $1230
TYCHASE2: $1541
A4Astro: $351

Keep up the hard work and as our traffic continues to rise we expect to see more members making a steady flow of extra cash.

Thanks, Colin

Maps are LIVE!!!!  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  10-Jan-2008  

Oh yes, fellow Weblonians,

I forgot: Maps are live...

Hopefully by the end of next week you'll also have a dedicated page to navigate around as well. Click on the arrow found in the top right of the asset page map to make it bigger.

Have fun travelling the Virtual World at!

New Asset Pages Go to the Top of Search: Here's How  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  10-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,


In response to some inquires, we wanted to tell you how the news section changes can help with your assets coming up to the top of search results. We also wanted to give you some new tips to get your asset to the top of those results – a lot of the new features are built specifically for that if you know what to do!


We have made changes to the News section of the asset pages that cut the number of characters that are available to be displayed on the front page and this is for search engine optimization reasons. When you List more than one news item, it will catalogue the most recent - which is also a trend -- you see this same thing at Yahoo. It’s better for asset pages to have keyword (asset name) written headlines and a quick description that is catalogued by a search engine. Your descriptions for news should also start with the asset name keyword.


We’ve also removed the html embedding from the front page of the news. Again, this is for search engine reasons. We want to help you build traffic up for your sites. In case you didn’t see it, we do now have a video gallery section so please upload your videos there. Title them, tag them… that’s part of the tool set we’ve included to help you build up your asset page search engine ranking.


TRY THIS TO GET TRAFFIC (We’ve built an example to show you how)


Visit in Weblo


and SEE how the page is created...


Now if you Google Jimmy Tide, this Weblo Asset Page comes to the #2 spot. It took 1 day.


Copy the format of the text on the page, which was has a good news item, a description with keywords and special formatting for search engines and an owner message that is also formatted with keywords...


7 Steps / Tips to Get to the Top of Search Results

1) Use your asset name keyword wisely. If it has spaces, put the spaces in. Don’t overload your keywords unwisely or it will hurt your ranking.


2) Make the language natural


3) Try to use original content. It's always worth more to a search engine. If your content is well-written you’ll have people coming back for more.


4) Make sure you use a heading tag for your description title (this is <h1>KEYWORD TITLE</h1> )and a bold tag for the asset name keyword that you use to start the description with(this is <strong>keyword start</strong> )


5) Place your descriptions at the top of the page (we didn't yet because we need to touch up the section-moving feature of your pages)


6) Create a poll. Take a look at the format of the Jimmy Tide one we made.


7) Add several news articles. We only did one for now but you can see how we formatted it too. Remember, that when you add new ones, they’ll come to the top of the news box.


Then, let us know what’s working!

Sean Morrow

New Features Coming Out  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  09-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians, 

Our development team is working hard and doing final testing before we can take a lot of great new features live. I thought I would share some of the features coming and show you some screen shots.

New Features? You bet, and a lot of them.

Maps – you’ve asked for them and they’re here. Every Real Estate page (property, city and state) has its own map. Click on the globe to get a full screen like what you see below and you can navigate around the Weblo Virtual World. Zoom in and out, see how many properties are registered in a particular city or state and more.

Customize the look of your asset pages – move boxes around, put your owner’s message on the top or bottom, you decide. You can pick the way every section of your asset page is displayed in the right hand column.

Comments and ratings are separate now. Try clicking one of the stars on a favorite asset page: rating is as simply as a mouse click.

Add asset owners to your friend list, send messages and communicate with them right from their asset pages.

Video Gallery – you have a section dedicated to the video gallery on the page. You no longer need to use other sections to put up your favorite videos.

Share your assets – connect directly to, Facebook, Newsvine and Permalink and spread the word (and links to your asset) directly from your page.

Just one more note: I did speak to our development team a little while ago and learned that it is possible that the map will go live after the rest of these changes do.  Stay tuned please.  

There are some screenshots below. Please note that some pictures don’t show up in the screenshots because we don’t develop new features on the live version of the site.


The new default layout (but the whole page is not shown here):
New Asset Pages

Changing the positioning of the different sections:
Customize the box placement

And, of course, the Map:(You’ll even be able to click on an asset and go to its asset page!)

Virtual World Map

All of these great new enhancements should be out as soon as we've finished final testing!


Pass Go Change After Jan.15th  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  08-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,
We have received comments from members about the changes to 'Pass Go' and we are doing our best to accommodate your requests. 

We will now keep the payment system in place until the next pay day for Weblo accounts which is January 15th. This way you will get full credit for your hits up until then at the original rates. After that we do need to make the adjustment to the new 'Pass Go' rates (as mentioned in a previous Latest Development posting - Jan.7th).

We have to make this change so that we are able to keep 'Pass Go' going with reasonable membership fees. Please keep in mind that with the recent surge in members to over 79,000 there is more traffic and more potential to earn money using the Weblo Ad Network combined with 'Pass Go'.  

Thanks again for your feedback on this matter

Sean Morrow

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