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Latest Development

Latest Developments

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Pass Go Clarifications  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  08-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We received some member emails after a previous Latest Development posting about the new Pass Go payments. Thank you for your feedback.

This follow up posting is to clarify another main reason we made the shift in the payments for Pass Go hits.

With our new Weblo Ad Network our members are now publishing ads on the same assets that they are getting paid for pass go hits. The combination of both the Weblo Ad Network revenue and the new pass go hit payment levels are actually leading to higher payouts from Weblo to our membership.

We have lowered the pass go levels
to $1 per hit for VIP’s which is still higher than the industry norm. We also decided to do this instead of significantly raising the cost of membership levels.

We continue to suggest that all members use the Ad Network, advertise themselves, get advertisers and enjoy the profits that relevant, localized ads can bring. Also, new modifications to the asset pages set to come out this week will allow you to take greater advantage of your assets and customize the ad placement on your pages.

Thanks for your support and feedback.

Sean Morrow


Click Fraud Warning  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  07-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

We have discovered recently through our internal investigations that there has been “click fraud” occurring on some Weblo assets. While it is limited to a very small number of members, it can hurt the entire Weblo community.

Click fraud is when someone repeatedly clicks the same ad either manually or using an automated system hoping to get paid for those illegal ad clicks.

This violates our Terms of Service and it causes problems for the entire Weblo community of over 79,000 members. If there is click fraud it is very difficult to secure new ad inventory making it tough for members to earn top revenues from ads on their Weblo assets.

When we discover click fraud we automatically suspend that member’s account, withhold payment for all ad clicks and we take legal action to pursue compensation from the member for damages to Weblo.

Click fraud can also force an entire ad network to pull its ads from a site where it occurs.

Weblo has recently secured the Yahoo Ad Network and if these ads are illegally repeatedly clicked it will force Yahoo to withdraw their Ad network from Weblo.

The Yahoo Terms of Service does not allow Weblo to share revenues from Yahoo ads with users, so repeatedly clicking Yahoo ads on your Weblo pages will not result in greater revenue for you. We are giving predominant placement to our Weblo Ad Network ads by placing them in top traffic areas at the top of pages. We share most of the revenue generated from the Weblo Ad Network with members.

We are continually expanding and improving the Weblo Ad Network so that you will make more money from legitimate traffic and clicks on all of your sites. Please help us do this by reporting any members that you believe are endorsing click fraud.

Finally, it should be noted that revenue programs like the Yahoo Ad Network may not mean direct revenues to members but enable us to support programs like Pass Go – where you earn significantly higher revenues via traffic.

Thanks for your help and support!

Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing

Pass Go Changes  
Move By:  Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing  07-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

As you may have read in recent postings and newsletters the new Calculate Your InterNET Worth section has led to a major surge in the number of Weblo visitors and new members. The popularity of our Pass Go hit payment feature has also sparked a huge increase in traffic. Traffic has jumped by more than 500%.

Because of this rapid increase we have shifted from our initial trial period of $10 (for VIP members) per thousand hits beyond the Pass Go threshold of 10,000 hits, to $1. We tested $10 per hit during our trial period and the response was overwhelming. Our new $1 per thousand hits beyond Pass Go is closer - but higher than - the industry norm (in cases where sites actually pay for traffic which is still not the norm!) and it puts us at a level that is sustainable for the long term. In order to continue with $10 per hit we would have had to increase Weblo membership fees dramatically and to unreasonable levels.

For basic members the new Pass Go rate will be .50 cents per each thousand hits beyond 30,000, down from the trial period $5 per hit.

There is some good news to report that will help you increase your earnings from Pass Go. We will now count hits on your profile pages when calculating your Pass Go total. With the new features we’re adding to your asset pages, the amount of hits to your pages will increase dramatically. These features include a new cleaner look with fewer boxes appearing, a no scrolling requirement, a section that lists your assets, a search engine-friendly news box and a video gallery section and... drum roll please... a MAP! Stay tuned for more!

Sean Morrow, Director of Marketing         

New Year's Resolution - Clean Content  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  02-Jan-2008  

Hi Weblonians,

From day one we have always wanted Weblo to be a place that everyone can enjoy, including families. With this in mind we have initiated a mature content alert system. It allows members to spot inappropriate content and notify us so we can block it.

When you see offensive content, click the photo gallery link and click the red Report as inappropriate link above that asset’s photo gallery. This will help us with our aggressive campaign to rid the site of content that our members find offensive.

We want Weblo to be totally community driven but in recent months some members have pushed the envelope with their content so we have to step in. We understand that some artistic and beautiful images contain nudity, but Weblo is not the place for them. 

If any of your sites are in violation of the following guidelines please be proactive and remove the content from your sites. If you don't, we will block your sites from appearing:

-No nudity or sexual content is permitted. ‘Nudity’ includes provocative shots that show nearly full nudity with minimal clothing.
-No images with provocative lingerie or underwear are permitted.

-No images that contain gore, blood, injuries or violence are permitted.

-No images or text that promotes hate or discrimination are permitted.

-No obscene language is permitted – not in your photo descriptions, news, polls, messages, etc.

We are currently completing phase 2 of our mature content blocker system. Assets rated as inappropriate or in violation of the above conditions will be reviewed by admin to determine if they should be blocked from the site.

If you have content that contravenes the above conditions please remove the content from your assets so you can continue to earn money from traffic and advertising. If the community and admin rates your content as inappropriate, the asset will not appear anywhere on our site.

We would like to thank the many members who have already used the content blocker alert system. Please keep it up! It’s a great help to us as we work to identify all of the inappropriate content quickly.

New Features at Weblo!  
Move By:  Kelly Ekins, Sr. Director of Marketing + Operations  21-Dec-2007  

New Features at Weblo! 

Yesterday we added an exciting feature to Weblo that lets you invite your friends from popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Friendster as well as your contacts from all popular email portals. Hit the 'find friends' tab in the top menu to check out this new feature.

Inappropriate Content Blocker

We are addressing the issue of inappropriate content by continuing our take down policy and by asking for your help in flagging the content that you find offensive. A new 'content flagging feature' was made live on the site yesterday. It allows members to vote on what content needs to be behind a "mature blocker".  Content that is "blocked" by our community will have a warning page so members will have to opt in to see this content.

Happy Holidays to all Weblonians! Kelly

New York Times Sparks Facebook Debate  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  14-Dec-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

The New York Times published a very interesting story about and our new Calculate Your InterNET Worth feature that allows people to get paid for ads in their Facebook, My Space and You Tube profiles.

This article has led to thousands of new members who are now making money from ads in their profiles. It has also sparked a debate @ and around the web from frustrated social networkers, bloggers and content providers who feel they should be rewarded for their content.

At you can try our new service that puts ads in your profiles and pays you for your content providers instead of only the big shareholders and site owners cashing in.

Check out this interesting NY Times 
Here is a sample of some of the comments as everyday internet users vent about not getting rewarded for providing popular and valuable content:

-”finally someone is doing the right thing and allowing the end users - to at least try to make money from the content they create. “

-”After reading this article I have created my own ad on facebook through weblo’s ad network, they leave the placing of the ad in the user’s hands. The ad I created is on the canvas page of their application and so far I only made $.016, I guess I won’t quit my day job but for the time it took, it is worth it. In my opinion sooner or later all user generated content sites will have to answer this question; Do the end user get anything for their work?”

Using the Ad Network to promote your Weblo Asset  
Move By:  Ludovic Siviere - Member Relations Manager  12-Dec-2007  

Hello Weblonians, 

Most of you have probably seen the Ad Network and thought it is a great tool for advertisers but did you ever think of using it to promote your own Weblo Assets? Maybe you should because the Weblo Ad Network allows advertisers to publish their ads on Weblo and on other popular sites like My Space, Facebook etc. That’s right, one of the coolest thing about the Weblo Ad Network is that anyone can become an advertiser, it’s as easy as 1-2-3, and a great way for your asset to gain great momentum and traffic! So all you need to do is follow these simple steps: 

1. Go to and select the advertiser button

2. Go to « Create new campaign »

3. Skip the ‘types’ and ‘targeting’ options and go strait to the budget tab 

4. You will be asked to enter the CPC (which is the cost you will pay as an advertiser when someone clicks on your ad). The current minimum is 0.03cents. The daily budget is how much you are willing to pay per day, so if you set your budget at 5$ and you run out of funds then your campaign will simply be paused until you add more funds to it. 

5. Then you have to create an ad. If you want to create a text ad just click on “text ad” then fill in the required fields. You will notice a preview of your ad on the right side so don’t save it until you are satisfied. Remember that is where you can enter your asset page url as the destination url, but you can also display a « false » link and redirect people to your page by entering the « false » link in the display url field. For example if you want to create an ad for your New York City page your destination url would the Weblo url ( york…) and the display url can be“”

6. Once you have saved your ad go to the advertiser acknowledgement section and choose a name for your campaign. If you create more than one campaign you’ll want to remember them by choosing a relevant name such as « Weblo City Text Ad ».

7. The Campaign payment is the last step for your ad creation; there you need to transfer the funds from your Weblo account to your campaign in order for it to be active. We recommend you transfer the amount you set as a daily budget so you don’t run out if your ad is very popular!

8. Once it’s saved, you’re done! You can then click on ‘my campaign’ and you will notice your ad says “active” and should already be getting impressions (impressions is when your ad showed on a page, clicks is when someone clicked on it). If you want to get more impressions you can always increase your campaign budget by a few cents. The way it works is the ads with higher CPC are shown more often than others.

By the way, in case you wonder where your ad shows up on Weblo you should see it under the asset summary section on all the asset pages so look around it should not be very far

If you want to create a banner ad follow the same process but in the create ad tab you will have to upload the picture you want to use as your ad. However the size has to be standard like 125x125 for a square one.


New Map Feature  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Weblo Media Relations  07-Dec-2007  

Hi Weblonians, 

A quick update on a new feature our development team is working on.

We are close to launching an interactive map that will allow you to click on cities, states and properties. You can make offers or connect with other members by clicking on their virtual real estate on this new map system.

This will be a great feature that will help you find out who owns what and check out your virtual empire visually!

Thanks, Colin

Weblo on TV!  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  30-Nov-2007  

Hi Weblonians, 

We want to share with you an exciting news story that aired November 30th on KTLA. This is one of the highest rated news channels in North America and their Tech host Kurt the CyberGuy is syndicated across the U.S.

The story does a great job of describing how you can make money by putting ads in your social networking and video profiles with the Weblo Calculate Your InterNET Worth feature.

If you live in
Chicago, NY, San Diego, Orlando, Sacramento, Seattle, Denver or other major U.S. cities keep an eye open and you may catch the story.

Click here to watch it now!

Thanks, Colin 

Weblo Grows in India!  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Weblo Media Relations Director  14-Nov-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

as you know the more the Weblo story spreads globally the bigger and better our community becomes.

With that in mind we are continuing to expand our media outreach and marketing beyond the traditional western economies.

We are currently in the middle of media campaign in India. We have been pitching the Weblo story there with great success. The recent news coverage has led to a big increase in members in India.  

Please check out the
Weblo in the News section at the bottom left of the Weblo landing page to see the latest stories from India and around the world.

Thanks, Colin 

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