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Latest Development

Latest Developments

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Global Launch - News Release  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Director of Media Relations  16-Oct-2007  

Calculate Your InterNET Worth Finally Gives Every Internet User Cash for Content. Seriously.

How much did you make when YouTube was sold? is answering this question. Every piece of content you post online is worth something to some advertiser, somewhere. Every time someone views any piece of your content, be it a profile, a video, a blog post, or even an email, someone is making money from it.

The only person not making money from your content, is usually, well, you. Until now.

Using a proprietary formula based on several online advertising networks, Weblo calculates the value of your videos, social networking profiles, blogs and email addresses, based on your ‘fans’, how many friends you have, social networks you belong to, and other values.

Then Weblo helps you cash in.  After finding out how much your content is worth to Internet advertisers, Weblo gives you easy access to ads and you start making money. 

In other words: Got video of your friend skateboarding off a rail and pulling serious air? Make some money from it, instead of just getting a few comments on YouTube. 

“The internet is dominated by user generated videos, blogs, and social networking profiles but few of these millions of content providers ever get paid for their valuable content,” notes Rocky Mirza CEO and founder of “By calculating your InterNET Worth, users can find out how much their digital assets are truly worth, and start making money with Internet ads.” 

People claim their Internet profiles, videos, blogs and emails for free at Then they follow the simple steps to get ads and they start getting paid for their internet popularity.

Weblo has also sparked a digital gold rush as users race to ‘list’ the best content on the web.

Weblo allows anyone to profit from popular internet content by becoming a listing agent for content they don’t own. Listing agents
calculate the InterNET Worth of any video, profile, blog or email address and then become the exclusive agent. Listing agents make money from internet ads that are placed on the content owners’ videos, profiles, blogs and emails.

This revolutionary approach to helping everyday internet users receive their rightful share of Internet profits is the latest offering from, which for the past year has been allowing members to profit by buying and selling virtual copies of real world cities, states, properties and domains.    

About -
Weblo is a parallel universe that is the only virtual world based on the real world. Members own and manage websites that are virtual replicas of real cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities. Members earn real money via hits, Internet ads and by selling or auctioning assets for a profit.  Members enhance their online portfolios by claiming popular social networking profiles, blogs, emails and videos in Weblo’s Calculate Your InterNET Worth section. Headquartered in Montreal, was co-founded by Chief Executive Officer Rocky Mirza. To learn more, visit  
Calculate Your Internet Worth - Beta  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  03-Oct-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

The Weblo development team has designed a new look and a new feature called Calculate Your InterNET Worth (it's the second tab from the left at the top).  

Calculate Your Internet Worth targets the mass internet audience by allowing everyone with email addresses, social networking profiles, internet videos and blogs to make money. 

You can also profit from popular internet content by becoming a listing agent for content you don’t own. Listing agents calculate the InterNET worth of any video, profile, blog or email address and then become the exclusive agent.

Listing agents make money from internet ads that are placed on the videos, profiles, blogs and emails.  

This revolutionary approach to helping everyday internet users receive their rightful share of Internet profits is the latest offering from

Here's a quote from CEO and Founder Rocky Mirza about Calculate Your InterNET Worth: 
“The time has arrived for everyday people to get paid instead of the big website owners making all the money off other people’s content.”  

Calculate Your InterNET worth is in Beta mode so we would love to hear your comments at 

Please check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks!

Get Paid For Media Hits!  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  28-Sep-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

News stories have led to thousands of member sign-ups which is great for the entire Weblo community.

We are now offering members $100 for securing media coverage.

If you put us in touch with a journalist who writes a Weblo story we will pay you $100 u.s. when the story is published.

Stories in cities and states that you own on Weblo help attract new members in those areas and increase your earnings. 

So start pitching Weblo to the local media in cities and states that you own on Weblo.

You can even contact the media when there is a big issue in one of your cities and give them your take. Chances are you will have a better solution than the real world mayor!

Please email us @ with your media leads. Thanks!

Happy Anniversary!  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  25-Sep-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago we unveiled Weblo for the first time and thousands of Weblonians rushed to claim their favourite states, cities, properties, celebrities and domains.

We want to send out a big thanks to all of you for making Weblo such a success.

We thought this would be a perfect time to highlight some Weblo stats:

Members: 58,000
Cities Sold: 9,872
States Sold: 801
Celebrity Fan Sites: 4368  

We have lots of big updates and changes coming soon so stay tuned and get ready for a huge second year @!

Big Sales - Share Your Story  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Weblo Media Relations  24-Sep-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

There have been so many major city and state transactions recently that it is tough for the marketing team to spot them all. Moscow, Delhi and Ottawa are just a few of the cities that have resold for big profits recently. 

We would love to hear from you if you are involved in a big buy or sell.

email us to alert us if you are part of a major deal so can make sure we promote it to the media in the city where the transaction occurred.


Exclusive Sneak Peek!  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Media Relations  17-Sep-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

Weblo is offering an exclusive sneak peek of an exciting new feature.

To qualify to see our new product before the rest of the world send an email to

Simply type “I want to be first” in the subject line. The first 25 members to email us will get to try the new site before our upcoming global launch.

Act now and see it first!


The Enhanced Weblo is Coming Very Soon!  
Move By:  Krystle - Member Support Team  14-Sep-2007  

Hello Weblonians, What a crazy week it has been! We’re in the final stages of Quality Assurance (QA) for the redesign of the entire Weblo site!

We want to give you timelines but since we will only release it when it’s Top Notch, we have to get further into the QA process before we commit to dates, but it won’t be long now!  

So be ready for an amazing looking site but also for Pass Go, RSS feeds and improved functionality.

Have a great Weekend!
Increasing member conversion!   
Move By:  Kelly Ekins, Senior Director of Marketing  12-Sep-2007  

Hi Weblonians,  

We have added a pop-over on all Weblo pages that requires users to log in or sign up. We are testing this process to measure the impact on our conversion.  

All of your asset pages will still collect hits when visitors land on your pages and this feature does not affect the promotion of your assets.

So paste links, post your widgets and collect those hits!

Have fun,

Why you should add content to your site.  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Weblo Media Relations  07-Sep-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

With our recent membership surge we thought it would be a good time to offer a quick reminder about the importance of adding new and relevant content to your Weblo city, state, property, celebrity and domain profiles.

When you update your content at least once a week you receive a higher ranking and earn more money.

We recommend adding new pictures, videos, news, forums, polls or blogs at least once a week to make sure you maximize your earnings.

You should also try to add content that is relevant to your profile. For example, if you own a city try adding upcoming rock concerts or sports events to the news section of your site for your city. Or if you are managing a movie star, update the site with the latest gossip or upcoming movies.

This will make your sites more interesting and attract traffic plus help you qualify for higher earnings for your profiles.

Click here for more details on making money.

Thanks, Colin

Finnish News Flash  
Move By:  Colin Trethewey, Weblo Media Relations  31-Aug-2007  

Hi Weblonians,

Weblo is surging in Scandinavia!

After an article in the top paper in Finland a member purchased Uusimaa state for $2158. Finland's capital Helsinki (which is also owned on Weblo) is located in Uusimaa.

As the new governor points out on his Weblo Uusimaa site, Helsinki is the birthplace of Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

It's not surprising people are investing in this beautiful country that's nestled between Sweden and Russia. Finland is consistently near the top of the United Nations Human Development Index and it was recently voted the sixth most peaceful country in the world.

796 global states and provinces have been purchased on Weblo and there are 9761 virtual mayors of Weblo cities.

Thanks, Colin


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