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Kaaba Community
(Public Community)
Created: Dec 01, 2006

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Saudi Arabia
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Kaaba's Recent Topics

It\'s Hajj Season Again

Dec 14, 2007 10:06:24 - 0 Replies

It is the Hajj time again now. Muslims around the world are gathering in Makkah and Madinah to perform Hajj. #1 Trick to Weight Loss Canadian Mom Lost 46lbs of Body Fat In 3 Months Using 1 Secret Formula!

Kaaba information and pictures

Jun 05, 2007 15:04:40   |  Last Posted By: justinottawa   Jun 05, 2007 15:04:41
- 0 Replies

Please visit the site at Kaaba if you would like to see the asset profile as currently you cannot go to asset profile from the community page of the asset/celebrity profile.

How to find Qibla (kaaba) direction?

May 24, 2007 22:18:12   |  Last Posted By: justinottawa   May 24, 2007 22:18:13
- 0 Replies

Muslims pray five times a day facing towards Kaaba (qibla), so it is important to know in which direction Kaaba is? On this site I have added links and a simple method to find out the direction of Kaaba (Qibla).If anyone has some other useful links, please let me know.

The poll results so far

Apr 20, 2007 10:28:06   |  Last Posted By: justinottawa   Apr 20, 2007 10:28:06
- 0 Replies

Asset Poll  Results (as on April 20, 2007)Poll TitleWhich is the holiest place on earth?Vote Casted For this Poll311Poll OptionsVote Casted Per OptionHarimandir Sahib8Kaaba208Salt Lake Temple23Tabernacle, Jerusulem59Varanasi13

Does anybody has kaaba pictures?

Apr 18, 2007 14:42:35   |  Last Posted By: justinottawa   Apr 18, 2007 14:42:35
- 0 Replies

If anybody has kaaba pictures and would like to share with others, kindly send me those pictures and I will post those here.

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