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Posted by: yavanna  
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Posted:   Jun 17, 2009 10:32:06
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Remove the internal link overlay!

  This new internal linking structure is really making the pages look tacky, poorly done, bad and is totally unnecessary. It is almost embarrassing when people call me on my business sites and I have to explain this to them. In fact the day you guys were rolling this new idea out and it totally jammed up everything...I was getting all kinds of calls and business off of my Weblo website and all I could do was deliver information over the phone and apologize for the crappy layout of my site. How professional looking is that? Now if it looked better when all these new folks arrived, maybe I could have influenced at least one of them to become a Weblo member by the layout and what is already available for users on the page. News, videos, images (which you guys stopped), concerts. That is all Great! But don\'t over kill what is working for you and don\'t allow business owners who are investing in your company to not be aware that changes are being made. If I pay you to design me a site, which I have to a degree, then I deserve to have a say about what is linked to it. I deserve to have at least some communication with and monthly dialog with the designers of the sites! You guys want another darn near $300 out of my company? Work on it! Prove to me and the 20 other business owners that I know personally on Weblo that your company is worth the investment. Maybe then you will gain a few more VIP accounts instead of losing yet another one due to your lack of communication with your members. Can I get an \"Amen\" or salute to \"Ala\" from my fellow Weblo Players? Can we get your staff and management to work With Us? Don\'t you people have some reasoning behind this idea board? Why no member service? I\'ve been here almost a year and you guys don\'t have that member service area up yet. No rule book. Heck I\'ve had to figure this out for almost a year and I could put one together for you now!! Can I get a free VIP for making it available to other members?
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Comments ( 3 )

Comment By: yavanna
Posted: Nov 14, 2009 02:10:31
The comments posted below have been done by a troll!!! Although I don't disagree with all that he has said. What I do know is that he and his friends have ripped off Weblo and defamed this company at every opportunity. When Weblo tries to compensate for these acts by decreasing member payouts and changing the rule, it has only been done because these sellect few have gone out of their way to Hurt Weblo and the Paying community Members as much as possible. In my Opinion Weblo is better off without them. Regardless or what have mentioned, the member who has commented to my note has done more to hurt me and others personally as a Weblo community members, than the company Weblo ever has! He and his friends should be banned!
Comment By: charleston
Posted: Oct 16, 2009 21:23:21
Buy American-Leave Weblo from the begining weblo suckered people in with the illusions of getting rich, when in reality their only goal was to pocket the money,every step weblo has taken has been to discouraged original user content and to make more $ for themselves. Weblo should be investigated by someone for numerous charges, breach of contract first and foremost,,weblo is not a free site, members pay money for said services, once that money is paid is represents a binding contract which weblo has broken several times with the payout reduction
Comment By: charleston
Posted: Oct 07, 2009 05:19:43
it is simple, weblo never cared about the layout,the design or anything else, they only cared about them making money,for allainet or rather alla i net,i wish someone would buy all my assets on sale so i dont have to log into this site anymore,it is suprising to me how in the world the engines don't de index this scraper website