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Experience the real world online with Weblo Local, where virtual actions translate into real money. Start your own online business by becoming a Weblo Agent. You can sell business listings on behalf of Weblo and earn hefty commissions for doing it. Or dream even bigger! Buy a city, become major, and earn revenues each time a business listing is sold in your city. Buy a state, become governor, and earn revenues each time a business listing or city is sold in your state.
Make Money - Become a Weblo Agent
  Build your own small business and increase your revenue stream
  Earn 30% of collected revenues on business listing sales
  Take part in a fast growing online directory and local search engine with more than 3 million visitors per month
  Get in on the high-growth online advertising marketplace
Become Mayor of a City
   Buy a city and become Mayor
  Share in the advertising revenue generated
     on all the pages in your city
  Earn a 10% commission on all revenue collected
     from the sale of business listings in your city
Become Governor of a State
  Buy a state and become Governor
  Share in the advertising revenue generated
     on all the pages in your state
  Earn a 5% commission on all revenue
     collected from the sale of cities and business
     listings in your state
Search Business Listings
Search local business listings and see what your city has to offer. If you're not sure of the name, just type in your best guess and we'll provide suggestions.
List Your Business
  Is your own business listed here? Claim it to
     gain full control and ownership of the page
  Write a description, share your latest
     company news, and upload photos
     and videos
  Take advantage of the millions of users who
     visit Weblo everyday
  Showcase all the great products and services
      your business has to offer!
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