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Auction | Buy & Sell
Auction, Buy and Sell

Search the Weblo Virtual World for assets that are on auction or for sale.

Selling (Putting Items Up For Sale)
When you own a virtual asset at Weblo you can put that item up for sale. From My Weblo located in the top menu, click on the asset name and select 'Edit Asset'. Choose the radio button that indicates you would like to put your asset up for sale. You can set a minimum offer amount (so you don't get offers below the amount you'd like to sell it for) and set an automatic sale price (so that if your price is met, the funds/asset will automatically transfer ownership).

Weblo Members can make an offer to buy a digital asset at any time by clicking the 'make offer' button after they've searched for a specific digital asset or directly on the asset's page.
Buying (Direct Buy When the Asset is on Sale)
You can buy any virtual asset directly from the owner when it is listed 'For Sale'. Click the 'Buy Now' button on the asset's site and follow the steps. The owner will have indicated his/her asking price. If you're ready to pay that price, then it can be yours!
Buying (Make an Offer When the Asset is Not on Sale)
You can make an offer to buy any digital or virtual asset that an owner has claimed or owns at Weblo, even when it is not listed 'For Sale'. Search for an asset you'd like to own, click 'Make an Offer' on the asset's site and follow the steps. The owner may have a minimum price set before he/she will receive your offer; if so, you'll be notified while making an offer.
Bidding on Assets Placed on Auction
Some owners prefer to put their virtual assets on auction. You can bid on any asset when you have enough funds deposited in your Weblo account to cover your bid. At the auction close, you'll become the new owner if you've placed the highest bid and the asset will be transferred to your online investment portfolio.
Selling Digital and Virtual Assets
When you buy and sell Weblo Virtual Assets (Cities, States, Business Listings, Domains and Celebrity Sites), Weblo automatically verifies that funds from the buyer are present and transferred into your account at the same time as the buyer receives the asset in their virtual investment portfolio. No further action is required on either party's part in order to complete the sale.

When you buy and sell a digital asset at Weblo, we automatically verify that funds from the buyer are present in order to make an offer. Once the seller has accepted the offer, the asset will transferred into the buyer's online investment portfolio and the funds will be transferred to the seller's Weblo account.