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Weblo Communities: Connecting People In and Outside of Weblo

When you buy any Weblo City, State, Business Listing, Celebrity or Domain, you automatically get a website to add pictures, videos, news, blogs and polls to. A community section tied to your virtual asset is also automatically created so that you can connect to people from your city or from around the world. You can create forum topics, generate discussions, find friends, send messages, and receive birthday reminders. You can also enable moderator privileges to allow for multiple people to monitor your community forum with you. Weblo Communities are all about bringing people together.

Building an active community brings regular visitors to your Weblo sites, making you more money from hits (traffic) and advertising.

You Engage Your Visitors and Everyone Has Fun
Weblo Communities have something for everyone. They are different from other online communities you might be familiar with because they are all built around the idea that YOU have control over who can participate. They are based on people, places and things you love, all at one online destination.
Why should you foster your community?
1) Weblo Mayors and Governors can communicate directly with members from the territories they own
2) Business listing owners can share thoughts about their businesses, their homes, their favorite destinations and landmarks
3) Celebrity owners can gossip about their favorite stars or discuss matters that are close to their heart
4) Domain owners can monetize their domain names, redirect traffic and talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies

Most importantly, no matter what the community topic, everyone has fun online engaging each other in subjects that interest them most.