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Money Making Tips

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Money Making Tips
Useful Tips to Help You Make More Money with Weblo
Maximize your Earning with 5 Easy Steps
1) Claim your free Weblo Celebrity, build a site for him or her and start earning online right away with ad revenue generated from the Weblo Ad Network and from Pass Go
2) Claim your digital assets (social networking profiles, online videos, emails, blogs and more) and put ads from the Weblo AD Network on them
3) Become a Listing Agent for any digital assets you don't own and earn a percentage of the ad revenue Weblo makes, not from the owner.
4) Buy a City or State to become Mayor or Governor (you make a cut of the earnings made by everyone in your territory)
5) Buy Weblo Domains because they typically appear high in search results. Redirect them in and out of Weblo to drive type-in traffic to where you want
More Members = More Traffic = More Money

Weblo Members are always encouraging new members to join Weblo. Everyone you refer earns you a free Weblo Dollar, helping you to build your online investment portfolio. Click the ‘Invite Friends’ link on the top of any page and tell your friends why you love Weblo!

The more traffic Weblo has, the more money our members make from ads and hits, as well as from selling their digital assets (social networking profiles, videos, email addresses, blogs) and their virtual assets (any Weblo City, State, Celebrity and Domain profile and more).

Weblo Mayor and Governor earning potential grows dramatically as more transactions take place in their territory (more members are buying and selling in Weblo, therefore you make more).

Download the Alexa Toolbar
You can also download the Alexa Toolbar and then visit Weblo. This increases the Weblo Alexa Ranking. As our ranking goes up, so does traffic to the website; all members make more money when more traffic hits their Weblo pages.
Content Relevance Keeps People Coming Back
The more relevant the content you put on your Weblo City, State, Business Listing, Domain and Celebrity sites, (the more relevant the content is to your asset name), the better your earning potential is. Here's why:
1) People (traffic) return more often to sites that are interesting, fun and contain useful information and Weblo Members earn money from hits to their sites and from ad revenue
2) The ads that are automatically populated on your site (and that you earn money from) will have something to do with your asset. The click-through rate is typically much higher when ads are relevant meaning you earn more money
3) The more relevant the site content, the higher perceived value your asset will have which makes it easier for you to flip your virtual or digital asset for a big profit
4) High content relevance rating improves ranking (you can be discovered more easily though search engines and through Weblo search)
Ranking, Relevance and Welcoming More Traffic
The most important thing to know is that ranking, traffic to your sites and content relevance (content that relates to your asset) affect your earning potential in a major way. Making sure that the content that is on your site relates to the asset itself (its name) to help you move up in the Weblo rankings, in and out of Weblo during searches.
Community Involvement
Getting involved in your community and asking other members to send you relevant content to add to your site will help increase its value. The more you add to your Weblo sites and participate in the community, the more resourceful, fun and entertaining your assets will be. When people come back, it increases your ranking and you make more money.