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Weblo Free Celebrities
Become a Virtual Publicist by Creating Virtual World Celebrity Sites

Claim any celebrity for free! Every Weblo Member gets the chance to manage one celebrity for FREE and earn money from the ads on their site. You become the celebrity manager and create a website dedicated to your favorite star.

Weblo Celebrities can be anyone: actors, singers, athletes, politicians, comedians, writers, heroes, friends and family. You can even make yourself a celebrity, if claim your name first!

Your website will come up in Internet searches. Add pictures, videos, gossip, news and more to your pages. Foster your community and earn more money.

Making Money with Weblo Celebrities

It's easy to make money with Weblo Celebrities. You earn:
1) 100% of the money you make from the sale of any Weblo Celebrity Site to another member
2) Ad revenue earned from advertisements that you put on your site through the Weblo Ad Network
Promote your Celebrity Sites to Make More Money
Promote your celebrity sites by placing the widget found on your website (the embed code is on your celebrity site) to your social networking profiles, blogs and more! Add links to your site in the message boards you visit, in the blogs you write and in your instant messaging applications. The links you post will drive traffic to your site and will make you money from the hits on your page.
Tip: Download the Alexa Toolbar
You can also download the Alexa Toolbar and then visit Weblo. This increases the Weblo Alexa Ranking. As our ranking goes up, so does traffic to the website; all members make more money when more traffic hits their Weblo pages.